How to put a cat to sleep temporarily

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Cats are master of falling sleep at any time everywhere. People raising cats must have ever seen them closing their eyes on rooftop or under sunshiny yard peacefully. However, their sensitive mind will suffer hard time under treatment or mental disorder, when they will get trouble with falling sleep. To ease process of disease treatment, veterinary usually advise for temporary sleep for relaxing.

On the other hand, how to put a cat to sleep temporarily? There are no easy methods to do because of cats’ toughness, nevertheless, people experienced some to put cats in smoother rest.

Why have to put cats on temporary sleep

Short snap will save energy for their activities at dawn. Cats are night hunters, like their family of tigers, so they normally spend daytime on sleeping and being active at dawn. However, some people would like to train their cats for new habit of sleeping in coincident time to them. Changing sleeping timetable for cats need times and spaces to motivate and stabilize them for certain time or forever so people need to follow exactly their biological schedule and instinctive habits to introduce new plan to the fullest.

A little snap will be helpful for cat digestion procedure. Based on the truth that cats enjoy consuming large amount of animal-based protein, which people use for manufacturing instant cat food widely, a small sleep after meal will help them to healthily digest all these nutrition slowly, besides those, for burning less energy in digesting food, cats need to conserve these energy for hunting at night, climbing and bouncing will take them a lot of strength for sure.

Temporary rest will support them in recovery of medication. Sometimes, felines under treatment will suffer side effects such as vomiting, headache or anxiety due to medicines. If cats need to be through chemical treatment or special formula will not avoid side effects which lead to heath decrease. In this situation, a quick sleep will help them to recover, reduce pain and mental disorder or simply avoid anxiety.

How to delude them

Tempt cats into sleeping is never a simple job. Cats have their own schedule for everything and their brain work very toughly enough for no one can control their life easily. However, it is not something impossible.

The first idea come up to everybody’s mind is tiring the cat out (source). Tiring them out will make them to burn energy quickly and feel sleepy very fast. Cats are lazy to move if they do not be energetic and their instinct is always to save calories for night activities. People can play with them with or without toys, catnip products will be a good idea to stimulate them. However, cats are not easy animal. They get bored quite fast if games cannot turn them on or renovate in long time, kittens seems always more activated then seniors, therefore, it may takes more time to exhaust them.

Long-run solutions will to create a new sleeping habit for their cats, it will take more complicated plan. Because cats timetable is totally opposite to human. Consequently, people wanting their cats falling sleep temporary at certain time as schedule will take certain period of time to introduce to their pet updated timetable. Adjusting diet schedule at certain time and guide them with signals of bedtime will take them weeks to realize and follow.

Pointing them to activities as human in daytime by entertaining activities and set up bed space and bedtime by repeating scenes and sound will principle them into drawn procedures.

Sleeping pills is useful if cats are under treatment and none of these methods above become helpless.

sleeping pill

Importantly, all medicines need to be consulted and confirm safety by vets according to cat situation and health condition. Small amount and scientifically regular intake of sleeping pills will not harm your cats, even though it will make them tired or inactive. However, using sleeping pills need a lot of consideration and carefulness of choice. If you want to create a new habit for your family and cats can live in harmony, you should do it as recommendation. There are a lot of natural and safe medicine products to calm you cats or alternatives such as calming collar or outlet diffusers with the same effects in order for your wider recommendations.

Effects of temporary sleep

Temporary sleep at good time will help for cat health conditions very much. That’s why people are on their way to principle pet schedule.

Fast snap is good for cats digestion, as explained, because their meal are full of calories and protein from animals so dealing with them will take longer time. Moreover, cats get hungry all the time, hence, their eating habit will cause them obesity if they don’t spend suitable time for assimilation.

Other undeniable effects of sleeping is relaxation and circulation. Cats sleep for 16 hours a day at average, but they only are in deep sleep of about 5 minutes and easily wake up. Good sleep at short temporary time will help them to relax and gain energy for other activities, if cats are under treatment, snap will help them to perceive necessary chemicals from in-taken medicine.

In conclusion, based on feline natural schedule, they are required to sleep 16 hours a day, mostly in daytime and active at dawn and dust. For some reasons coming from owners or the cats themselves, they need to take contemporary snap. Hence, above are some recommended methods for how to put a cat to sleep temporarily. In emergency, using sleeping pills or exhausting activities will work , however, if putting cats on quick sleep for purpose of changing their schedule, people must do more changes in environment and diet more than just sleeping time. In general, suitable schedule of resting and playing is always good for cats, especially domestic felines, and short sleep will be actually supportive and energetic for them, positively speaking. Nevertheless, if forcing cats going to sleep is opposite to their natural instinct or normal schedule, people should consult vet for best solutions and no side effects.

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