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Can cats eat peanut butter

Healthy and tasty peanut butter on sandwiches stop people’ “no” from their deep throat. Certain nutrition value in peanut and peanut butter brings users benefits of losing weight, fit diet or supplementing protein for vegans. However, people who are with temptation of feeding their cats licks of butter have ever considered if their cats can […]

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Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Bananas are favored by most humans and animals such as monkey, dogs,… For human diet specially, bananas are in the recommended list for daily menu. However, cats seem not to be attracted that much by the fruit. Based on rich nutrition value contained in a bananas, many cat owner thought it could be healthy snack […]

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Automatic cat feeders wet food refrigerated review

As cat owners, most of us may have experienced some troubles with feeding your beloved pets, especially when you have the unexpected and thus cannot feed your pet on time; or you may want to get up late at weekends but always be woken by your hungry felines. There’s also another important issue that many […]

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Automatic Feeder

Contents Importance of using automated pet feederPrimary Risks of Excess Weight in catsFollowing are the diseases that may cause obesity in pets:You must keep in mind few factors before thinking to buy automated feeder Importance of using automated pet feederAre you really aware about the necessary things that your pet is thinking of in its […]

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