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How to make cat tree

Do you love cats? Of course, nobody can hate this cute little creature. I’m a huge cat lover and I’ve been working with them for years since I own a pet shop. And I also love dogs but in this post, we’ll just talk about cats (sorry dog lovers). Have you ever seen your cat […]

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What should I know to keep a cat in a condo

You know the feeling when you buy a cat tree for the first time, spend about 2 hours to put it all together and so exciting to show the condo for your kitten? But sadly, your cat doesn’t even look at the tower. It still enjoys sleeping and scratching on your new sofa. The same […]

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For Interactive Play Having Best Cat Toys

People have cats and they wish to feed them properly for this purpose they help to make it attractive and keep different toys for cats so that they may enjoy and keep themselves active. The toys must not be placed in front of resident cats. Cats need to do exercise daily to keep themselves healthy […]

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