Top 3 Best Cat Urine Remover Reviews In 2017

After declawed, cats will change their habits of littering for easier operation of feet. In another case, cats may be obsessed with litterbox due to pain in urinary track problems, hence, peeing in floor or carpets will happen as a normal behavior. However, there are thousands of cats litter removers out there to support you in cleaning smells and fluids from cat urine.

Based on some creditable advices and bestselling product rates, there are the best cat urine removers we would like to introduce to people who are desperate for a solution to cat urine.

#1. Best Pick - Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator

BUBBAS, Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner-Pet Odor Eliminator
4.6 star

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator for removing not only cat urine smell but dogs’ and other fluids is well known for its enzymatic stain remover which is applicable for many surfaces and types of litter. The most considerable ingredients in formula of Bubbas’ are enzymes which were extracted from nature and all bacteria activation is only raised up when the remover liquid hits the food source, cat urine for example.

That natural powerful miracle allows users to clean up all types of waste and remove all smell in every aspects of containers for final unscented space. More impressively, the remover works in all surface of carpet and soaks up well from all materials. Because of its effective odor control, Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator is possible to be even used for removing shoe odor, furniture scent and even laundry room.

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#2. Budget Pick: Sunny&Honey Pet Stain Odor Miracle

Pet Stain & Odor Miracle - Enzyme Cleaner for Dog and Cat Urine

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

Even the Bubbas’ is canned in gallon size for long lasting use and economic shoppers, you are total able to check out another for lower charge. We would like you to consider nearly half-price remover with excessively high quality, Pet Stain Odor Miracle.

Produced by Sunny&Honey, also formulated with enzymes for specific cleaning purpose of cat urine and other litter such as vomit, drool or feces, the fluid supports people in cleaning up all cat stains and odor due to quick reaction of bacteria to the mess. More conveniently, the bacteria after having done with soaking will self-evaporate and disappear with disturbing odors. Multi-surface formula also attracts customers for eligibility in all places of cat urine. In addition, with natural ingredients, Pet Stain Odor Miracle is safe for all animals and children so it is widely used in private places without disturbing anyone by odor or moisture feeling.

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#3. Also Great - Just for Cat Urine Destroyer

Just for Cat Urine Destroyer
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

The product is a result from Natural’ Miracle but made specifically for Cat urine. Manufactured mainly from Oxygen-infused and bio-enzymatic ingredients, it is safe for cats and children. However, people should not under-estimated its effectiveness. The enzymatic components are extracted to cope with urine-based stains and removing odor from that litter.

Customer will find it easy to use: spraying. Handling process will start right at the time of their contact, and everywhere will have the same effect, from wooden floor to carpet or rug, furthermore for security, these materials even fabric will not be faded or weakened in texture because of its application. Even though the remover will dry itself, the room needs keeping airy for massive air circulation which makes scents disappear soon. For the safety of users, keep animals and kids away until it dries.

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Why should you trust us

Everyone raising cats has to suffer their urine all over the house, especially declawed ones. We have tried some brands such as MisterMax or Just Rite for detecting their unique selling points which all are contained in Bubbas’ and Sunny&Honey. But we agree with many people that not all of them contain natural ingredients.

Bubbas and Sunny&Honey cat urine removers are checked and studied by us before confirmed harmless components to pets and children. Enzymes in both products are extracted from natural to maximize absorption but keep room unscented. Knowing cats for years and experiencing their living standard, we guarantee that powerful removers are not only thing you are looking for but also anti-allergens and odor control. Therefore, we researched and updated to your database two perfect types of cat urine removers.

Who should get this

You should change into a bottle of Bubbas’ or Sunny&Honney if you are getting troubles with a declawed cat. As mentioned before and widely known that declawed cats will find their original toilet habits tough to be performed, hence, instead of peeing in litterbox, felines may deal with it on carpets or just floor. The recommended are not used for only-flat-surface but many terrains including fabrics and cloth. For Bubbas, people will need to soak it up by themselves but Pet Stain Odor Miracle from Sunny&Honney will dry up itself in certain of time. That easy processing procedure will work everywhere you would like to remove cat urine.

Some cats who get urinary track problem may need these removers, too. Urinary track problem happens in a period when they become obsessed with pain when performing toileting. That may lead them to be afraid of litterbox and stay away from their ruled restroom a while. At this sensitive time, cats will behave as if they are declawed.

Because these two products are manufactured from natural enzymes and they are to protect cats from allergens and scents, you may need them for sensitive cats. Chemicals in removers and its smell may affect cat senses such as taste or nose, therefore, using a bio-products such as mentioned will protect your cats under the best condition.

Full Reviews

1. Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator

The product is packed with a can of a gallon to provide you the huge bottle for long using. This is manufactured with belief of terminating all pet urine and stains including cat litter. Moreover, odor control and multi usages will attract you to take advantages of it more than a simple cat urine remover.

The product is formulated with Green Natural Organic components to guarantee customers a safe and effective remover. Unlike enzymes from other seem-to-be-the-same products, it does not need deodorizers to activate bacteria in cleaning stain and cat urine. Billions enzymes in this Bubbas formula work automatically when they hit the dirt. Consequently, for being made from biotics, it promises not to ruin any of your carpets or rugs and along with that, there would be no allergens and chemical odors which may disturb your cats from lying on the floor after tidying up.

Some people reviewed that before drying, there is a smell of fluid but odor and scent from cat urine will totally disappear. Enzymes in Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator is not only able to tidy cat urine but deal with stain, or in another expression, these natural enzymes can cope with proteins, it is how they remove all odor in your carpet. Moreover, because of being made in spray, it is applicable to many areas, from flattery to any rugs or carpets for maximizing effects. In compare with other types of cleaner such as Emmys Best, Hoover, Resolve,….Bubbas is the winner of cloth washing for its strength and deep solution.

2. Sunny&Honey Pet Stain Odor Miracle

Like Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator, it is also a green formula of natural enzymes and bacteria which solves stains and odor of cat urine in biological logic. Certified by The Leaping Bunny for 100% animal cruelty free products, this remover does not only support you in erase all cat dirt but stays safe and harmless around your pets and children.

The procedure of applying is quite the same to Bubbas product above, however, it contains mint scent for fresh odor house so you should consider your cat if they do not fancy this flavor. You should not worry about its effects because the enzymes will react to stain and urine then dry up itself after having done, hence, it is not only masking the odor but truly removing.

Moreover, this product is available for multi usages. By spray form, Sunny&Honey Pet Stain Odor Miracle is usable and effective in diversity of material form wood to cloth. And because its safety, you can apply in even cat private spaces such as bed or litterbox.

3. Just for Cat Urine Destroyer


    • Powerful and effective remover to urine and yellow stains
    • Applicable for various materials and surfaces without any bad influences
    • Easy to apply and simple procedure to follow
    • Great odor removal


    • Strong scent in applying time, however, the odor of remover and urine will disappear after drying
    • Insecure before drying and necessary for large space to fasten the time for handling

Addition Information

In fact, cat urine hides a lot of dangers for human being due to high level of ammonia. Hence, it is not recommended if people self-handle or wash it by bare hands. Otherwise, cat urine through time will dry up and crystalize to ammonia which affects directly to your family and children such as causing allergic or respiratory problems. In addition, if urine is not removed, cats will tend to come back the same place for toileting due to their instinct of territory marker. As a result, for any reasons, you should share a room with cat urine without cleaning it, a bottle of spray remover will help you a lot in quick and instant solution and that is a must for the whole family and cat’s health, not only for a fresh air and clean house.

Bottom line

In closing, we would like to remind strongly effective and friendly Bubbas Pet Stain and Odor Terminator, Sunny&Honey Pet Stain Odor Miracle, and Just for Cat Urine Destroyer for cat urine. These are our top-rated cat urine remover currently on the market. They provide you not only clean removers but cat friendly and fresh effects by their green and bio-made formula of enzymes which we barely find in other normal manufacturers. These characteristics are necessary because felines are very sensitive to odor and non-natural components and their vulnerable organs may be harmed by toxic ingredients. Hence, you should totally trust in green product line offered by Bubbas and Sunny&Honney we recommended due to their pure nature and bio components.

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