How Much is a Male Calico Cat Worth?

Calico cats in general or male calico cats in particular since they were found the first time have been well known for their beauty regardless of breeds or ages. With this stunning color and rare, male calico cats are hunted all over the world and traded in exorbitant price.

Actually, what specialties offer them that towering value and exactly how much a male calico cat is worth are wondering of untrained people. Unique color pattern is the worthiest trading value but scarcity of masculine gender push up the value to the highest, about a thousand dollar for a male calico cat at average

What is calico cat?

Calico describes color and patterns in cats fur, which are basically brown, black or white, some breeds will wear unique color, however, the range commonly stops at two. Calico cats possess particular mixed three color which make them special and stunning out of plain cats.

calico cat

Speak of color, a calico cat is required to wear at least 3 color: always white, deep color such as black, grey or blue, and another heat color such as red, orange, peach or brown. Actually, it is possible for a calico with five or six different colors, but three is must to conclude if they are calico.

Calico cat is not a breed, but the name of genetic mutation which expresses out to appearance. Each calico cat is born with three chromosomes deciding the coat color which are two X from mother and X or Y from father. Because of the fact that red or orange coat color cannot be inherited directly from father, for an offspring of tricolor cat will be more highly female.

Calicos are born accidentally by intentional combination of X and Y chromosomes from parents regardless of breeds and the phenomenon can happen with any case of delivery. The truth that calico cats grow up with tricolor appearance is not under any artificial intervention makes them special and unique to natural

calico cat gene

Why Male calico cats are rare?

male calico cat is made among other 3000 cases of female (source). Probability to a male calico cat to be born is equivalent to 0, 0003%. Partly, the low possibility results from chromosomes. Biologically speaking , mother cat is able to contribute two X chromosomes, while father cat, who decides the gender of kittens, can gives X or Y. Theoretically, chances for combination among X chromosomes are more and not all of kittens born will certainly be a calico feline. It should be reminded that calico is a genetic phenomenon, not a breed so they cannot be passed by offspring.

Male calico cat can be highly sterile. In fact, male calicos are born under opposition to nature because the third color in calico cats such as red or orange will defined by X chromosome from mother and these genes are impossible to be inherited from father. Theoretically, after fertilization complete, another combination which is to create third color would be X chromosome.

However, in the case of incomplete division, incompletely separated chromosomes containing the third color will attach with another pair which luckily is a pair of male cat and able to include another chromosome. Male calico cats are born with unbelievable natural accident in fertilization. The cats mostly suffer Klinefelter's syndrome attached with some other disorders which make them sterile and sick all the time.

How much is a male calico cat?

Male calico cats may be in commercial with value up to thousand dollars. For their birth from miracle and incredible low quantity, male calico cats symbolize for luckiness and superpower. First having discovered in Egypt and immigrating into Europe and Asia, those calico felines were considered guarders of saints and pharaohs and believed to protect people from unlucky and dangers. The fact that male calico cannot give offspring enhance them to hyper rare felines on earth.

Furthermore, if calico pattern comes up in some costly breeds such as Russian, Synavah, the price will be much further than expensive.

Nowadays, people are not such fancy on calico cats because of their minus on health conditions and offspring and accepting their scientific explanation for charming appearance, calico cats are only for exhibition. Breeds of male calico cats will be the main reason for people pay.


In summary, male calico cats may use to worth thousands bucks, but, how much is a male calico cat worth is not a popular question for today if cat breeders comprehend about these little felines who just simply are special in genes they are given.

Male calico cats have nothing to take pride of except for their coat color and their life even go miserable of disorders and sterilization. People should look on breeds to valuate a feline and pay, not the color and calico are exactly just tricolor cats looking a bit more stunning and unique. Feeding cat is hard work, you can feed your calico cat with cat feeder  and you can free up your time

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Barbara King - February 14, 2019

Our male calico is sweet, stunning, very special and very loved!!

Katherine Clark - October 31, 2019

Our male calico cat kitten was a drop off@our home we fell in love with him he purrs loves to snuggle

    David - January 8, 2020

    Hey Katherine!

    That is amazing you have the opportunity to enjoy the company of a male calico. They are a beautiful feline! Thanks for your note & take care 🙂

Evelyn Chavez Gregory - May 11, 2021

I have now baby male kitten with tri color. So blessed for having such very special kitten. Five weeks old only.


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