Top 3 Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth Reviews In 2017

Come to senior age after about ninth birthday, cats will get some health problems including teeth being on the wane. Retrograded teeth operation will hinder cats in chewing and enjoying food. To support you in looking after your little tiger even when it pumps into a tough time of eating, we are pleased to review to you the best cat foods for older cats with bad teeth. You can set your mind at rest because you have found a treatment for your cats losing weight and appetite.

#1. Best Pick - Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

Dry food sounds not quite ideal to a cat with bad teeth. However, Wellness Complete Health Nature is still charming and delicious to all but contains no disturb of feline teeth. It was made as a specific gift to aging cats who get problems with aging and teeth. Based on real experiences of raising cats and nutrition knowledge to older cats, the formula was created to support consuming with more fat and fiber.

Protein is kept at fine level to make sure enough energy received but at balance to make eating job less tough. Moreover, selected ingredients to build up an diet for aging cats help with enhancing immunity and teeth, eyes or shortly, slowing down aging process and improving cat condition.

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#2. Budget Pick - Purina Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Wet Cat Food

Purina Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Wet Cat Food

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

If you are looking for another package with more affordable price, you may want to look at wet food line of Purina- master of cat foods and nutrition. Wet food formulated by Purina, the Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet, Chicken flavored will raise up your old cats appetite. Soft and juicy formula will be easier for cats with bad teeth condition because they do not need to use much of chewing job.

Processed by cat nutritionists, Classic Gourmet in Fancy Feast Line was cooked from pate and tasty chicken. Sophisticated pate texture is plated smooth and tender to stimulate cat appetite but do not require them to put on too much energy for chewing. Besides, the dish still offers high protein sources from chicken, liver or poultry and fish and guarantees to provide your cats full of necessary nutrition for maintaining weight and health condition. The product is usable for every cat life stages, from kitten to senior years, hence, plus with its soft texture, it could be strongly considered for your bad-toothed felines.

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#3. Also Great - Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

Even though cats are in bad teeth condition, they are too picky to accept wet food or moistened meal. In this case, we offer you the Meow Mix. This is dry food, to be clear. So how can it help the cats with painful teeth? The texture is special. Meow Mix has formed kibbles with two layers: tender in the center and a crunchy coat.

The outer cover is soft enough to nursing weak teeth and taste of dry food is kept in every kibble. The formula contains salmon and white meat which we found meaty in comparison with other cat foods. About other nutrition, they added some vitamins and minerals in the treatment procedure.

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Why should you trust us

There are many sources of information you can look up for a piece of advice about what you should feed your old cats. In another hand, we are trustworthy for out creditable database on how to take care of a senior feline, you may want to read overall information here.

Moreover, we considered both types of dry and wet foods to select items which all people may need because we understand that each cats have their own favorites and even though they are in bad conditioned teeth, they may still prefer tough and dry foods. Hence, we also studied what makes the differences to fully recommend you what should you try for the best. Now, looking at our list, we hope that we are able to lead you to a potential choice no matter which types of food your cat wants or what you would like to.

Who should get this

Speaking for specific targets, these products are supposed to be a wonderful meal for senior cats. Not only because they are bad at teeth performance but they are in need of more standard diet. Suitable food for them must contain enough protein for development but not exceeding sufficient amount which unlucky might foster aging process. These foods, unlike to others, were mixed with sources of fat and fiber for easier digestion and teeth improvement. Speaking of nutrition provision, these foods are considered for adult cats or some younger cats with bad teeth.

High level of protein from animals and sufficient minerals and fat in formula of both Wellness and Purina packages will raise up well your cats no matter what age they are at. Purina Fancy Feast brings cats enough nutrition for growing up and building up strength, meanwhile, Wellness is lowered 8% protein level in compare with adult cat foods, therefore, it may be more suitable if you want to put your cat in weight controlling diet.

Full Reviews

1. Wellness Complete Health Nature dry Cat Food

In general, cats prefer dry foods than others due to protein-rich containment and tasty texture which stimulate them in every bite. Moreover, cats love using teeth for mashing foods and hate sticky feeling of wet foods. However, there comes a time when their teeth become weaker and can’t stand so much chewing any longer.

Wellness is a true package of dry food, but produced in a family-founded company experiencing nursing felines, it was produced in an unique formula for aging cats and supports them not only in eating but also enhance teeth condition . The kibbles were made tiny for easier chewing, additionally, ingredients include deboned chicken or you can find other flavors such as salmon or turkey; and some essential components for healthy diets like minerals and vitamins.

Especially, this food contains higher proportion of good fats and amino acids for heal vulnerabilities of teeth and eyes. Using the finest components from natural, Wellness comes out with a specific senior cat food which is not only for bad-toothed felines but those that needs enhancing immunity and digestion. Despite of no water added, every pieces is formed with balanced moisture and nutrition to provide your cat full nutritional bite.

2. Purina Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Wet Cat food

Purina is outstanding from other wet food diets to its non-sticky and non-watery texture. People can shop from this Classic Gourmet product line diversity of proteins: beef, chicken, tuna, shrimp, …and all of them promise to cheer up your cat amazingly. Every can was made with carefulness to put on chicken and liver in a smooth and tender from which cats love the most due to no fluids.

Based on premium cat requirements about nutrition, every piece of Purina fancy Feast contains high deal of protein which even are varied for different animals to bring cats mouthwatering taste and smell. For bad teeth cats, there is not a nightmare of wet food but delicious meal with sauces and attractive gravies. They definitely do not need to force much in teeth job, easy chewing and consuming will help them pass any meals with joyfulness and healthiness.

The product is suitably used for any cats at any ages. They provide enough protein for kittens to grow-up, at the same time, enough protein and fats for senior felines on their way of aging. Juicy and fatty with good moisture, it promises to send your cats a good teeth treatment.

3. Meow Mix Tender Centers Cat Food


    • Specially textured kibbles to support bad teeth chewing
    • Able to be moistened by water or mixed with wet food
    • Rich protein and nutritional serves
    • Usable for all life stages


    • You should feed cats at different life stages suitable volume because their diets are not the same
    • It is not recommended for cats with no teeth

Addition Information

Cats coming to senior years after their ninth birthday will have some changes in their body including degrading teeth. That is why they need a new diet.The products we recommended are not only for bad teeth remedy but overall enhancement for old cats. In fact, they will get some problems with digestion when they cannot digest too much protein and added components and easily to get obesity.

Some common needs in senior cat foods are usually lower protein and higher fats for better digestion and teeth functioning. Importantly, no fillers are allowed in diet to avoid making them diarrhea. Luckily, both products advised are filler-free.Wet or dry foods matter a lot for old cats with bad teeth and some of them only enjoying dry foods find chewing kibbles tougher and more painful. That is why we would like to recommend an item off dry food, we hope it may help you feed your cats with their favorite textures but no disturb of hurt.

Bottom line

In conclusion, you must be careful and considerate if your cats are coming down at teeth functioning. Wrong diet and foods will worsen the situation and lead your pet to weigh lose. For those products from Purina and Wellness, you can totally set your mind free of easily feeding your pets at top nutritional ingredients but protecting their bad teeth at the same time. Understanding basic requirements for old cats will help you choose  the top-rated cat foods with bad teeth. Here recommendations are both dry and wet textures for variety of choice to any cats.

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