Top 3 Best Cat Food For Weight Gain In 2017

Is your cat too slim and you are crazy of finding a way to fatten him? It is very important to know which nutrients are to build up muscles and weight for cats, hence, you can find truly effective diet formulas to help them with weight gaining.

Having considered through the most well-known brands of pet food such as Purina, P&G, Del Monte,… we would like to recommend you the best cat food for weight gain which is confirmed its effects and nutritional value in every package, Blue Wilderness Salmon for Adult Cats. The Blue Wilderness itself is a branch of Blue product range which concentrates on fattening and strengthening cats by delicious and healthy meals.

#1. Best Pick - Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult Cat Food
4.6 star

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

BLUE Wilderness concentrates on providing cats protein-rich meals in every package and almost all kinds of Wilderness line contain high proportion of animal-based protein, but the recommended package is premium with deboned Salmon as its main source of protein plus its outstanding taste promises to stimulate your cat appetite for greater consumption.

Besides, processed in dry form to obtain as many nutrients as possible, Blue Wilderness Adult Grain Free Salmon is an abundant source of complex carbohydrates in suitable level to cat digestion, moreover, grain-free dry food will prevent your felines from obesity or diarrhea which are usually caused by grains in normal pet foods. The product line has been packed in different sizes to easier shopping.

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#2. Budget pick - Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult
4.6 star

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

If you want to shop the same high-quality product in more affordable price, it is possible to pick one from Blue Wilderness range. What we would like to introduce is Blue Wilderness Grain-Free Chicken packages with the same formula and nutritional value but different source of protein- Chicken.

Chicken is friendly and familiar source of protein to all pets including cats. Actually, felines will be easier to approach meals with chicken and accept protein better if they do not have any allergies or tasting problems. About technical application, Grain-free Chicken is till manufactured with technology of LifeSource Bits as packages of Salmon and totally no grain, hence, you should not be worry about food quality. This line also offers customers variety of sizes to easier shopping considerations.

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#3. Also Great - Natural Balance Dry Cat Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

The Natural Balance Limited Ingredient is a dry food package for felines. The product is able to help your cats with gaining weight because it contains selected nutrition which is not only to serve your cat a full meal but also lower losing weight. From premium animal-based proteins such as Salmon, Turkey, they made it with a mixture of some veggies to balance nutrition. The point is that the formula is made from simple meat and plant-based components, which, as explained, is to minimize the exposure.

By doing so, it is nearly like feeding your cat raw meals, but your cats will keep all nutrition they take in to gain weight in a high capacity level.For treatment, the food is kibbles and grain-free, also you could not find any other artificial elements or coloring agents. Your cats will stay away from vomiting anyway and it is a help to keep their weight up.

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Why should you trust us

We studied carefully researches of Dr.Elyse Kent for veterinary consultants of choosing appropriate food sources to gain cat weight and also took a look at ingredients of Blue Wilderness formula for reference of nutrients and proportion to conclude if the products are eligible and safe for cat gaining weight. According to Dr.Elyse from Michigan University, the main factor for cats to gain more weight is carbs, while protein from animal will help them to strengthen muscles, however, cats do not have enzymes to digest such much carbs from normal foods, so the deal of carbs in diet must be controlled carefully not to cause them obesity. After doing comparison with other manufacturers such as Natural Balance or Back country to find out the most persuasive diet of carbohydrate for weight gain, finally, we find Blue Wilderness great with grain-free, suitably carbohydrate but still protein-rich and dry formula while the others seem to strong at protein proportion only.

Who should get this

It is apparent that these food packages will be good choices for slim cats. Some cats appear skinny from their birth because of undernourished body or typical breed shape, hence, you should observe and supervise their weight regularly to see if your cats are losing weight then timely offer them extra diets to recover weight. There are stages of cat life such as teenage or kitten when they need feeding extra much more than other times, therefore, that eating too little or insufficient consumption of necessary nutrition will cause their losing weight. Adding balanced high protein formula to their diet promises their sufficient intake of meat, carbs and minerals but no risks of obesity due to their always available hungers.

If your cats are suffering anorexia, these foods may help anyway. Skinny body and unhealthy body will happen soon if felines get anorexia for a certain length of time. Losing appetite and lacking nutrition will cause serious health problems including immune system mal-function or mal-behavior. Blue Wilderness offers diversity of flavors such as salmon, chicken, duck, trout, rabbit, turkey,… along with vegetable and fruit ingredients to stimulate your cat taste. Moreover, meat-rich formula will quickly compensate protein they have missed.

Pregnancy cats may need these high protein and energetic dry food in pregnant period to keep themselves healthy and strong. During the time of carrying, queen cats should eat up to maintain good condition and provide nutrients for fetal. Even after delivery, mommy cats may need more energy to nurse their kittens and breastfeed them. Adding extra meat into their diet absolutely keeps their health up to growing fetal and mischievous littles.


Both recommendations are from Blue Wilderness meat-rich line for adult cats but their main sources of protein are different.

However, both are produced in technology of LifeSource Bits – cool-formation method to keep all heat-sensitive nutrients undamaged. Brilliant and balanced amount of antioxidants and carbs from plants and fruist such as sweet potatoes, carrots and berries insures healthy diets to cat immune system and sensitive stomach, but still simulate weight gain without risk of obesity.

Grain-free and Gluten-free tags in each formula of Blue Wilderness will blow out worries of obesity and diabetes even if your cats continue eating these foods in a long time. Application of some plants into formula is to extract enough amount of carbs and supplements such as potassium or amino acids and to balance with the protein intake of each serve. However, if people feed cat raw fruits or veggies, they may not digest all of components because of lacking enzymes and get diarrhea.

Despite of addition plant-based nutrients, Blue Wilderness experts were careful to leave out corn, soybean or wheat to prevent any chances of allergy. Hence, almost all felines can eat these delicious serves from Blue Wilderness packages.

With meat-rich formula, the range of products in general or grain-free Salmon or chicken only shows up focus of providing these felines fine proteins, purposing to enhance cat muscles and targeting at easily weight gain. More impressively, all meat are deboned and processed in high technology to keep all nutrients and gusto.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food


    • Simple formula for easy digestion and perceiving
    • High protein proportion
    • Grain-free and chemical-free for no diarrhea, therefore, it is useable for cats with sensitive stomach
    • Nutritional and balanced serving with both meat and veggies


    • Only for adult Cats and the serving is described because different felines will need to feed in different volumes.

Addition Information

Every foods need caution in use, not just for their specific purposes but eaters as well. Cats are pure carnivores and they will only be healthy with animal-based protein, or meat. However, carbs will foster the digestion and perceive of nutrients. Otherwise, some people mistake that human or dog diets may work on cats, actually, feeding cats too much carbs and protein not from animal will cause them to vomit or be heavy on stomach. Stages of developments will matter any way. Cats may be giant eaters at their young age, but come to senior years, they need diet some adjustments in diet to pamper their annoying stomach, overfeeding, even protein, may result of digestive problems.

In summary, Blue Wilderness Grain-free Salmon will be premium for your cats to gain more weight and stimulate their appetite, however, it is possible to change into more economic protein such as chicken. Using high-protein products is not harmful but because those contain huge extra proportion of nutrients, people should be take an eye on feeding and supervise your cats or consult vet if necessary.

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