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Have you ever wondered to yourself why cat has to scratch things and then leave with the scattered mess. Lots of them are tiny little pieces that are not so easy to spot and clean. Especially if you have an open litter box, your feline would love to make a mess out of it and leave you with litter falling everywhere around. A vacuum probably would get the job done, but how do you choose the best stick vacuum for cat litter?

One of the key factors to consider if you’re still deciding which one to use is the “horse power” and the ability to reach difficult areas. Good suction will make sure all the dirt is collected and the reaching ability will be necessary when dealing with hair balls under your sofa and bed. The following cordless vacuum cleaners will serve you well cleaning up your cat's litter mess.

Best Stick Vacuum for Cat Litter Reviews

#1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum - Best Pick for Cat Litter Vacuum

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

It’s the ultimate cleaning machine for your home. The vacuum has been designed effectively to reduce the weight by removing all the excessive components. One single bin for filtering and storing the dust. The removable stick will increase the ability to reach deep or high areas. This vacuum is cordless and hassle-free. Equipped with a HEPA filter that gets rid of allergens and bacteria. The simple dust bin makes it easy to dump out the dirt and clean the filter. Also, the battery can last for about 4-5 hours depending on the suction level.

The vacuum also included with an awesome docking station for easy storing your vacuum. It also acts as a battery charger so your vacuum will always be at full. Overall, it’s a really worth-buying piece of the machine if you consider the performance and convenience. The only reason making users hesitate to choose this vacuum is the expensive price.


  • Strong motor for considerably more powerful suction
  • Cordless for better cleaning experience
  • Long battery life
  • Cool additional equipment
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Light weight


  • Expensive in comparison to other vacuums
  • Might not necessary for home use

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#2. Sunny&Honey Pet Stain Odor Miracle - Cheapest Stick Vacuum for Cat Litter

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

Looking for some cheaper considerations? The Hoover Linx BH50010 is definitely a good choice. The vacuum is cordless and equipped with a fade-free battery that will not affect the vacuum performance even when the power is running low. It’s pretty light if you compare to other vacuums at the same price range, especially those with a cord. It also comes with a simple dust cup making it easier for storing and disposing of the dust.

The vacuum doesn’t have a strong motor, so you might experience difficulties when cleaning dust in cracks. The lack of a high-quality filter makes it more vulnerable to you and family when being exposed to allergens.


  • Good price
  • Considerably light in comparison to others at the same price range
  • Cordless


  • Medium-power suction

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#3. Eufy HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter

Eufy HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cleaner

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

True to its name, the vacuum comes with a cool feature that allows the user to use the vacuum separately as a hand vacuum or attach it to other parts to make a stick vacuum. The vacuum is ideal for small cleaning tasks like cleaning your pet wastes like hair, litter, and scattered food. Despite the cheap price, the vacuum still provides a decent suction with a cyclonic system that spins the dust away from the motor. In stick mode, the pad can spin 180o giving us more flexibility. And the handheld mode can be used in any places without carrying too much weight on your hands.

The cost for all that is the reduced battery size. It’s only capable of 25 minutes of fade-free and 60 minutes on power-saving mode. Also, the vacuum is not good with heavy tasks so you might want to reconsider if you’re aiming for a more powerful vacuum.


  • Good with simple tasks like cleaning pets wastes
  • Good price
  • Decent motor
  • 2-in-1 handheld and stick vacuum


  • Low battery capacity
  • Can’t handle heavy tasks

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Things to consider


It’s good to have an additional filter for your vacuum. Especially if you have a cat or dog. It can get rid of all the hair, bacteria, or allergy during the cleaning process and eject clean air.

Corded or cordless Cat Litter Stick Vacuum

It depends on your requirements which are the cleaning areas, the type of dirt we’re dealing with, and convenience. Cordless one is more flexible and can reach the difficult spot at ease while with corded ones you won’t have to worry about battery life and power stability. The above models are mainly battery operated, check out our reviews of the best corded vacuum for cat litter.

Bagged or bagless

There has been a disagreement between users when it comes to this. They’re split into two group and both have their own claims on the effectiveness of their choices. The bagged one will need time to change the dust bag when it’s full but the dust will always be kept inside. While bagless ones may seem more convenient, the dust can spread out uncontrollably when you’re dumping it into the trash can. Especially with pet hair, these things can easily get lifted in the air and fly without control.


Do you need a wet vacuum?

This type of vacuum can also act as a mop. Usually, there will be three cleaning stages which can be used separately. They’re vacuum, wash, and dry. They are proved to be effective with wet spots like vomit, saliva, and urine. But if only need a simple vacuum to clean hair, dust, and litter, you won’t be using them.

Do you need a commercial vacuum?

Probably not considering your requirements when cleaning cat wastes like litter and hair ball. We only need a medium vacuum with decent suction power and a full vacuum kit to clean small and deep spots. Commercial ones are often used for heavy tasks so it would be a waste if you just buy it to clean your cat litter. Unless you’re doing it in large scale.

Bottom line

These are the best stick vacuums for cat litter, we’ve chosen them depending on your specific requirements with each type of dirt and waste. All are cordless which makes them even more perfect for cleaning small and scattered spots.

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