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Obviously, cat is one of the favorite pets in the world since they are so smart, close and pretty. Although they can bring us plenty of fondness and amusements as well as help us reduce stress and unpleasantness, they also cause some problems, typically a profuse amount of waste.

Cleaning cat’s litter boxes is never a pleasant task because we all can’t stand the terrible stinking tray from a traditional litter box.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, we have automatic litter boxes to help us with this unlikable task. Though they cannot do the entire task or eliminate all of our responsibility, they save us a remarkable amount of time and effort. In fact, they can do the job better than we do, as well as many other advantages. Surely, they will make you feel satisfied because it’s worth your investment. Find out more here to see more guide of automatic litter boxes

How Automatic Littler Boxes Work ?

As its name indicates, automatic litter boxes are the equipment to help you clean your pets’ litter because they can automatically clean the litter boxes, keeping it clean and fresh, giving you much more pleasure and free time.

The operation of an automatic litter box is not very complicated. First, the automatic litter box is often equipped with a sensor to detect movements inside the litter box. Thus, if your cat is in the box, it will not operate in order not to frighten or hurt them. Then, a timer will be set in a specific number of minutes after your cat have finished their business and left the box. When time’s up, a rake in the box will automatically sweep the litter tray by scooping or rotating to separate any clumps and push them to the end of the box, where there is a receptacle. Finally, this receptacle is enclosed, so the harmful odor cannot come out to your house. The waste stays there until it will be removed.

6 Reason That Are Automatic Litter Boxes Worth It

Automatic litter boxes introduce a lot of advantages that make it a must-have if you have a cat.

1. No more scooping litter every day

As cat owners, we all agree that having to scoop cats’ litter is one of the most hateful tasks of a day. That’s the reason why auto litter boxes were created: to do the job for you. Never will you have to worry about scooping your litter box ever again.

No more scooping litter

All you have to do is just turning on the automatic machine, let your feline use it and wait until the end of the day, when the box indicates that the waste receptacle is full. Then, you just have to open the receptacle, take out the waste bag, and replace a new one. Are you looking for that wonderful convenience?

2. Less or not contact with cat waste

We all know that direct contact with cat litter is harmful to our health. If you have to scoop the litter cat box every day, you breath ammoniac, bacteria and other toxic agents.

Not only you, your kids and other members of your family also have to put up with those awful things coming from the cat litter box. Does that situation give you enough motivation to invest in an automatic litter box for your home? It is not only for your cat but also for your family.

3. No more terrible odor around our houses

No more terrible odor

Have you ever experienced this situation: after a tired working day, you just want to come home to relax and play with your beloved feline. But when you come home, you realize that the ordinary litter box hasn’t been scooped for a day, and the dreadful odor make your home smell stinking! This hateful odor, however, can be completely eliminated from your house forever by an automatic cat litter box. According to their operation, these litter boxes can self-clean their tray in a few minutes after your cat uses them, and leave the cat dung in a separated drawer. That means no more cat litter in your house for hours, giving it a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

4. Comfort for your beloved feline

Actually, it is not too difficult to raise a cat, since this pet doesn’t ask for much. You just have to give them some food, some soft spots and most importantly, a clean litter box. An always-clean litter box will give your cats the feeling of safety and comfort. They tend to be grouchy when they have to use a dirty box, which has a bad consequence on their behavior. If you want to make your cat happy, it is vital to have an automatic litter box which is clean all the time.

Time saving investment

Most of cat owners are spending ten minutes scooping their cat litter box for each time, twice or three times every day. In the aggregate, that will be a remarkable amount of time every day which you can do some other useful things.

time saving

By investing on an automated litter box, you just have to throw a trash bag of litter once a day, taking you a few seconds. Not only will your feline love the convenient litter box, but it can also save you a lot of time. You, therefore, could spend more time for yourself.

Litter saving

Generally, with a traditional litter box, the clumps cannot be immediately scooped. Instead, it stays on the litter for hours or days. In addition, if you own multiple cats, the clumps will be broken up during the subsequent use. As a result, the litter can get dirty and unable to be reused. When this happens, most people will throw away the whole tray of litter and use another one. What a waste!

On the other hand, automatic litter box rakes the litter tray many times a day, which means that the dung cannot stay for long on the litter, extending the litter life. That also means fewer trips to store to buy litter, saving up to half of your cat litter costs.

How to choose the best automatic litter box

There are several aspects that are very important to consider when purchasing an automatic litter box. Here are some features you should consider when looking for an automatic litter box:

  • The size of the box: Even if your cat is a kitty now, they might grow up very soon, thus if you buy a box that fits your kitty now, you will have to buy another one when they get bigger. Neither does your cat, they often feel much safer and more comfortable when using a familiar litter box.
  • The number of cats you have: there are kinds of automatic litter box for one cat use only and kinds for multiple cat use. Therefore, if you have more than one, remember to choose a box that has enough room for all of them.
  • Duration of picking trays: If you have to go away a lot or you are a busy person, the ideal automatic litter systems for you is the ones with duration of picking trays for at least 3 days.
  • The price: there are abundant kinds of automatic litter box on market these day, and their price also varies. It’s not always true that the more expensive the products are, the better they will be. By considering the most important features you need and your budget, you can still buy a good product with a reasonable price.

Those are some references you should consider when you’re about to purchase an automatic litter box, but it depends more on your need and situation. Take all of them into careful consideration and you can find the right product for you and your cat.


Should you have automatic litter box at home now, you never need to worry about scooping the litter box every day, the unhealthy odor from cat waste. Even when you are too busy or going away, an automatic litter box will help you with you cats’ sanitary problems. This wonderful invention is worth your expense because it can do a lot for you. Let’s try one and definitely you will never get appointed!

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