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How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water?

Most of us rarely see our cats drink water and this make us wonder how do they provide water to their body and how long could a cat survive without this essential element. First, you should know that cat’s body works slightly different from our human body. It also needs water and food to function, but […]

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How Long Can a Cat Go Without Food?

Just like any other animal, cats also need food to survive. But have you ever wondered how long can a cat go without food? Cat’s sometimes go through different periods where they will skip eating for a few days, and many pet owners will get worried over the health of their feline.  It’s important to know […]

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CBD Oil For Cat Seizures

At first, you might be surprised to hear that cats have seizures. Dogs experience them much more frequently, which is due to their genetic history – which most likely stems from the extreme inbreeding that was done to create different breeds. However, epilepsy is found in all cat breeds, and you should be aware of […]

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4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Warm In The Winter

Cats have a luscious fur and coat, however it does not keep them very warm during the winter months. That’s why they’ll start looking for different ways to keep themselves warm. During the winter, it’s normal to see your feline lay down and take naps in warm places in your house, such as: on radiator, near […]

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How To Keep Your Cat Healthy? 4 Simple Tips!

It’s every owner’s responsibility to take care of their cat on a daily basis and provide them with a healthy and safe environment at home. The most important decision you have to make is what food you should feed them.  Selecting the best cat food, will ensure that your feline is healthy and has a strong […]

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House Plants Poisonous to Cats

This extensive list of plants that are toxic and non-toxic to a variety of animals, including dogs, cats and horses, is correct to the best of the author’s “knowledge.” However, it is not intended as a substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription or formal, individual consultation by a veterinarian. If your cat shows signs of […]

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