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 21 Interesting and Funny Cat Facts You Didn’t Know

Quick Look 1. There were no cats in America until the 1750s.2. They’re America most popular pet.3. In the USA, 30.4% households in the US own a cat.4. Sadly, about 60 million feral cats are living on the street in the US.5. 50% of household cat is overweight.6. Cats and names7. Spy cats.8. Cats even […]

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Stop Petting Him

People raise pets and like petting them while enjoying a cup of coffee or working on a lap. However, dislike dogs that accept not being petted at any time the owner want, cats will be tougher if you stop entertain them under their disagreement.  If you have ever asked anyone “why does my cat bite […]

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How Much is a Male Calico Cat Worth?

Calico cats in general or male calico cats in particular since they were found the first time have been well known for their beauty regardless of breeds or ages. With this stunning color and rare, male calico cats are hunted all over the world and traded in exorbitant price. In This Article What is calico […]

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Why does my cats stare at the wall

In This Article They must be madly curiousVision to spirit worldAre they really ok?Summary Unpredictable cats always make people wonder why they could find excitement from weird things or focus on doing something uncommon. One of those is staring at walls. Have you ever question why your cats keep staring at walls for insanely long […]

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How to put a cat to sleep temporarily

In This Article Why do we have to put cats on temporary sleep#1. RESCUE REMEDY PET Dropper – Natural Homeopathic Stress Relief Drops#2. VetriScience Laboratories Composure, Calming Chews for CatsHow to sedate a catOther things to considerEffects of temporary sleep Cats are masters of falling sleep any time during the day and just about anywhere. […]

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Why do cat scratches itch

Known as one of animals that are both grooming and self-groomers but why cats scratch itches and accept possibility of messing their look. Everyone who raise cats has ever seen their pets deep in scratching themselves

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When do cats stop growing

Felines have to be through stages of growth like humankind which are childhood, teenage, adulthood then aging, however, compare to human average life expectancy from 55 to 75 years old, cats only live for 10 to 15 years. The reason is cats getting mature at very early age and aging sooner. In This Article Should […]

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How Long Do Cats Live?

It is a tricky question to deal with, even experienced veterinarians cannot tell exactly how long a cat will live?  Life expectancy of cats depends on several factors such as: genetics, diet, lifestyle, diseases, accidents and others. They all have a direct effect on their physical health.  It’s also important to note, that if you […]

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