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Bambino Cat Breed

Bambino (which means “baby” in Italian) results from a recent breeding programme involving Munchkin cats and Sphynx. The first litter of Bambino kittens was registered as an experimental breed in 2005 by the International Cat Association (TICA). The main characteristics of bambinos are their hairless bodies and short legs. What Is The Bambino Cat Breed? […]

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How to Introduce Cats

If a new cat is introduced with other cats to a house, it may take some time for them to get used to each other. If your first cat is a little jealous of the new cat, you may have to take things slowly. Give your new cat plenty of time to get used to […]

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Types Of Munchkin Cat Breeds

Unlike other cat breeds and animals, and humans in general, Munchkin cats seldom suffer or develop diseases such as cancer or diabetes during their short lives. In addition, the spine of cats is different from that of dogs, so cats do not suffer from the spinal problems associated with dog breeds. As with any cat […]

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Stop Petting Him?

We all love our cats, and one way to show our affection for them is by petting them. We do this while we’re watching TV, working on our laptop, or enjoying a cup of coffee. Have you noticed your cat biting you when you stop petting it? One minute they are purring and being content with […]

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Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall?

Have you ever seen your cat stare at the wall for a very long time? It just stands still and looks at the blank wall for a long time like it’s been hypnotized. This may seem like a strange behavior, but it’s actually a common one among cats. Many owners have noticed their feline staring at […]

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