Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box Review

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Pet zone brand’s products are always smart and innovative. The automatic cat litter box that they launched with the name ‘smart scoop self-cleaning litter box’ is one of their marvelous pet creations. It offers the generous service of scooping the cat’s litter automatically sparing the cat owner that can be you, from the stinky activity of scooping manually several times a day. Keeping cats at home is an adorable activity but to clean the mess they create isn’t pleasant, right?

The easy solution to this problem is to bring home the quietest cat litter machine till the present time. Yes, the pet zone smart scoop cat litter automatic device creates a very low volume of the noise and is suitable for keeping it in the bedroom as well.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box
4.0 star

Editor's Rating: 4/5 Overall Score

It works on the similar rake mechanism but provides a better cleaning service than the other brand’s cat litter boxes. Once the cat is done with its business, the machine’s sensors turn on and start the 15-minutes delay cleaning cycle. This helps the machine to get all the clumped litter into the waste box covered with a disposable bag. Even if the cat steps back in the litter box, the cycle stops and restarts after 5 minutes when the cat leaves.

Finest features of Pet Zone litter box for cat:

We have collected all the features including the product description, dimensions and the things that come along with the litter box package so that you can go through it and understand the main things regarding this product.

Product description:

  • Effectively cleans the litter of the cat
  • Simple in design but strong and firm
  • It has metal gears which perform the main action
  • Quietly working motor
  • Rake cleaning system
  • Works with a variety of cat clumping litters
  • Not at all expensive to maintain the litter box
  • Doesn’t require the waste collector trays or the cartridges
  • Controls the odor perfectly

Things included in the package:

  • An automatic smart scoop litter box
  • Carbon filter: 1
  • 6 no-touch waste bags are included
  • 1-year warranty of the product


The weight along with the price of this amazing self-cleaning litter box is quite low and affordable. Its dimensions are 26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 inches.

Pros and cons of the self-cleaning litter box in the market:


    • Affordable device
    • Suitable for cats as they get used to the machine easily
    • Carries out a quiet operation
    • Can be kept in the bedroom
    • Perfect odor control system
    • Its scoop and dispose mechanism is simply the best
    • Cheap plastic bags can be used easily
    • Supports multi-cat households and large cats as well
    • Assembling and disassembling of the device is easy


    • The odor controlling carbon filter isn’t long-lasting
    • Rake might miss some clumps
    • Waste might get clogged at times

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Tips and tricks to makes sure you use the box to the fullest:

To make sure that you increase the life of the pet zone smart scoop litter box, you need to operate it with expertise. We are giving some tips and tricks to make you an expert in dealing with the smart scoop cat litter box. Follow them and make your cats love you even more for the comfy litter box.

  • Place the cat litter mat right outside the litter box so that the cat’s paws fall on the mat without making the floor untidy.
  • As customers have complained about the clogging of the litter, what you can do to get rid of it is lets it dry. Once it is dry, it will fall directly into the litter box placed below at the beginning of the next cycle.
  • Use a high-quality cat clumping litter to make the device work more efficiently
  • The cord of the unit is short. Do use an extension lead to fix this issue.

Overall view of the automatic cat poop box:

The pet zone smart scoop litter box works automatically and cleans the cat’s litter without any major issues. The minor issues faced so far by the customers are easily solved by applying some tricks to the unit beforehand. This makes the smart scoop litter unit completely safe to use.

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