Top 3 Best Cheap Wet Cat Food Reviews In 2018

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I’ve always preferred wet food over dry food for my cat even though they both are pre-made one. Probably because wet food can keep the nutrition in an easy-to-absorb condition. Having too much dry food can make your cat become dull and lazy since the mineral and vitamin are all reduced in this state. Not to mention, it’s hard to find a good product at a decent price.

Price and quality have proven to be a challenge for people who’re looking for the best cheap wet cat food. The two factors are hard to combine in any cat food but if they’re then you should definitely choose that product.

#3. Best Pick - Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Gourmet Variety Pack

Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Gourmet Variety Pack
4.9 star

Editor's Rating: 4.9/5 Overall Score


The pack contains 24 cans of 3oz grilled poultry and beef collection flavor for your kittens. It has high-quality protein which was made from fish, chicken, and duck. The texture is just right, nice and chewy on the outside, juicy and rich on the inside. They also included with sauces to enhance your kitten’s satisfaction. It’s well balanced and nutritious with all the necessary minerals and vitamins considering the price you have to pay for this product.

You should try to use a deep bowl for feeding your kittens since they might accidentally scatter the small pieces over the floor when chewing. And although most reviews and feedback coming from verified purchasers claim that their cats love the food, there are still some exceptions. So let your cat taste the food before buying it just in case.


  • Good price
  • Nutritious and well balanced
  • Have all the necessary minerals and vitamins
  • Nice texture


  • Some kittens might not like the flavor or the sauce

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#2. Budget Pick - Sunny&Honey Pet Stain Odor Miracle

Purina Friskies Classic Pate Variety Pack
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score


Since this wet food is targeted to the low-price range, there is no surprise that it doesn’t have too many flavors for customers to choose. But they still give us three common choices of meat, poultry, and fish. The smooth texture makes it perfect for cats that have weak teeth. But it’s not too soft though, the pieces are juicy and chewy. Along with the nice seasoning, your kitten will finish the bowl in no time. It’s a complete and balanced recipe for growing cats and matured ones.

I have mentioned that this wet food contains artificial flavors so if you don’t like them or you think that they’re dangerous for your kitten’s health then you probably want to consider the two other options. But still, it’s a good alternative if you’re looking for some wet food to keep your cat’s palate up after a long time eating dry food.


  • Great price for what it brings
  • Balanced and complete recipe
  • Nice spice and good flavors
  • Good texture


  • Have artificial flavoring components

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#3. Also Great - SHEBA Pate in Natural Juices Adult Wet Cat Food

SHEBA Pate in Natural Juices Adult Wet Cat Food
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score


The SHEBA Pate contains 12 cans of 3oz cat food of beef, chicken, and salmon flavor with 4 cans each. Real meat is the main ingredient in the recipe. The product is grain-free and doesn’t have any soy, wheat or what so ever. Even though it’s a low-price range product, the food doesn’t contain artificial flavors or preservatives. All the piece is well balanced and completed in nutrition, which is perfect for cat with a sensitive stomach.

The price is slightly more expensive than the previous two. But it’s nutritious and has good texture. By having no preservatives and artificial composition, the food is good for kittens with a sensitive stomach. But don’t keep it out for too long since the wet cat food gets rotten pretty easy.


  • Simple but delicious meaty flavors
  • High-protein portion in each meal
  • Balanced nutrition and good for sensitive stomach
  • Good price


  • Might become rotten in a short amount of time

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Things to consider


By choosing cat food with various flavors, you can switch among them and give your kitten a new recipe each time you feed him. Usually, salmon and chicken are the two flavors that cat loves the most. There is also some interesting combination that can satisfy its palate but you have to pick carefully. It’s no point buying a cat food that your kitten doesn’t like, right?


The texture is also an important factor. Depending on your cat's interest, its teeth and stomach to determine which food is for yours. Usually, wet food is the most suitable product for kittens with bad teeth and stomach since they’re easier to chew and digest. Also, food with chewy texture might attract cats more than a soft one. But it’s vice versa if your kitten is having some teeth problem making it hard to chew.


The 3 brands that I would recommend you to consider is Wellness, Purina, and SHEBA. The three are well known for their high-quality product and good customer service. Other brands still need your judgments.


Don’t keep feeding your kittens the same food, they’ll grow tired over time. Try mixing different recipe together and sometimes give your cat cooked meal if you have time to refresh its palate. Even the most delicious dishes can't give you appetites if you’ve been eating them continuously in a long time.


How to feed it right?

Give your cat a small portion of food each time you feed it. Don’t give it a huge bowl of wet food since the cat won’t be able to finish it before the food becomes rotten. You could use a refrigerated automatic wet cat food feeder if you don’t have time feeding your cat.

Can I use the product with my dog?

Basically, the nutrition is good for all kind of carnivores. Therefore, there would be no problem feeding your dogs this food. The only problem is that he might not like it.

Bottom line

Our reviewed product contains the top tiers for the price. And if you’re looking for the best cheap wet cat food, then you should definitely try them out. Choose the one that matches your requirements the most and let your pet try it before purchasing (if you have a chance).

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