Feed your cat low carb and nutritious food

According to some veterinarians, cats which maintain a natural diet, can survive up to 30 years. However, the live span of domestic cats is less than 14 to 18 years. One of the reasons for this shortcoming is because of the food which domestic cats eat.

low carb cat food dry

The American Veterinary Medical Association advises that dry cat food is not as nutritious compared to canned food, and pet owners should not feed their cat on dry foods only.

Is dry food bad for cats?

1. The main diet to get protein is through animal by-products. However some animal parts should not be eaten by cats, for example: intestines, egg shells, fur parts, etc. And they should not be included and used when making cat food.

2. These products have less animal based protein when compared with vegetable protein content. You may find high gluten content in dry cat foods that are flavored with meat, but they won't provide the necessary nutrients and energy your cat needs. 

3. Dry food loses its nutrient value due to the long cooking time and the high temperature that is used to prepare it. This dry cat food may become less nutrient, and not suitable for cats.

4. The oil foods are usually rancid when kept for long time in a warehouse and on the shelves of a supermarket. The food rich in rancid can be harmful and can make them ill.

​5. There is also poisonous fungal toxin that is seen in dry food for cats when stored or transported and this may often be poisonous for cats.

6. You may find high amount of starch in dry cat foods or even carbohydrates. But cats do not require extra carbohydrates in their diet. 

7. Cats eating dry food need to drink extra water, during their meals and throughout the day. However, some felines might not be drinking the water they need, which may cause infections in the bladder and also stones in the kidneys. 

​8. Cats may face intolerance to lactose due to diarrhea. These food are good in taste but their nutritional value is less.

How long does dry cat food last?

If you are wondering how long dry cat food will last and stay fresh for, first it depends if you have it's been opened or sealed in the bag. If the bag is sealed, make sure you check the expiry date. Do not give it to your cat after it the expiry date, since it make have become stale. If you have opened the bag, some recommend using it within 14 days, and have the bag sealed after you've opened it. Also, keep a note how you store it and where you keep the bag (preferably in a dry and cool place in your home).

Low carb cat food dry

Generally you find that the total content of carbohydrates in dry cat food is between 35 percent to around 50 percent and if you check the numbers for brands that are cheaper they may have more carbohydrates in them. Cats actually require very low amounts of carbohydrates in their diet and high amount of protein

Lowest carbohydrate dry cat food

 When shopping for dry cat food, look for one that specifically says "low carb" on the label. One of our favorite low carbohydrate dry food is the "Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Grain-Free, Low-Carbohydrate Dry Cat Food Baked with Fresh Meat" - which is high in protein, has real fresh meat inside and uses real ingredients, including pet nutrient-rich superfoods like pumpkin, flaxseeds and salmon oil. 

How to get your cat to eat wet food?

If you've having a hard time getting your feline to eat and like wet food, there are some things you can do to help. Wet food comes in many flavors: salmon, chicken, beef, turkey, and others. It's a good idea to buy a variety pack, which includes different flavors, so you can serve each and find the one that your cat likes the most. 

Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

Purina offers a pack of 24 canned foods, with 4 different delicious recipes inside: chicken, turkey, salmon and beef. They are made of real meat, poultry and seafood.  The provide the necessary hydration your cat needs, especially if your pet is not drinking enough water, this food will help increase her daily water intake. It contains all the necessary ingredients and nutrition your pet needs.

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You'll notice that canned food, comes in different textures as well. Some have tender meat chunks in extra gravy sauce, others canned foods have the meat minced. Finding the texture your cat loves will help you get your cat to eat wet food regularly. 

When selecting the best cat food, make sure you read the ingredients carefully, also check that there are no artificial flavors and coloring added. Food containing soy, corn, wheat, or yeast should not be used for cats. Once you've chosen the food that is most appropriate for your feline, you might want to consider getting an automatic cat feeder, which is an easy and hassle-free way to feed your cat. 

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