Things That Must Be Given To Your Cat

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On any of the natural diet, it is recommended by veterinarians that cats can survive up to 30 years on diet provide naturally but domestic cats live span is less that is 14 to 18 years.

It is recommended by American veterinary medical association that dry cat food is not as much nutritious as compared to canned food. You should not depend your cat on dry foods.

The reason behind this is as follows that why it is not suitable.

1. The main diet to get protein is through animal by products that you may not find of accurate quality. These animal parts should not be eaten by humans as well, for example, intestines, egg shells, fur parts and such deaday parts of animals.

​2. These products have less animal based protein when compared with vegetable protein content. You may find high gluten content in dry cat foods that are flavoured with meat and is not energetic.You may find many cats who do not want to have gluten.

​3. Many food that is dry loses its nutrient value due to the cooking time that is long and processed and the temperature used is also high. This dry cat food may become less nutrient and not suitable for cats.

​4. The oil foods are usually rancid when kept for langer time in warehouse and shelves in the supermarket. The food rich in rancid can be harmful for case and can make them ill.

​5. There is also poisonous fungal toxin that is seen in dry food for cats when stored or transported and this may often be poisonous for cats.

​6. You may find high amount of starch in dry cat foods or even carbohydrates are rich. But Dts do not require extra carbohydrates that is gin them commercially as they are carnivorous.

​7. Dry food for cats contain moisture so for that purpose cats must drink many water so that they can compensate this loss. This may cause infections in the bladder and also stones in the kidney. Fourths particular reason cats must drink fresh water.

​8. Cats may face intolerance to lactose due to diarrhea. These food are good in taste but their nutritional value is less.

The total content of carbohydrate in dry food for cats is from 35 percent to around 50 percent and if you see for the brands that are cheaper they may have more carbohydrates in them. This high carbohydrate is not beneficial for cats.

​The food that is good for cats is domestic canned food Orton can say frozen food that are rich in protein especially meat of muscle and notably mat of organ like liver, or any by product of animal.

​The main ingredients must be present that provide nutrient to the cat. Food containing soy, corn, wheat, or yeast should not be used for cats. You may also use rice for cats

​You must take care for the food you provide to cats and that must keep it safe for them

It's better than if you use the automatic cat feeder.

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