Why do my cat bring dead bird and mice to me?

One of the worst nightmares for cat owners are when your adorable little kitten shows up with his mouth grabbing some dead bird or mice. In other cases, the bird or mice are not even dead yet. And I bet many of you, especially girls, have to yell at them to get these hideous creatures away from you. But why do they do that? What is their purpose when bringing dead animals to you? To answer this question, we need to look back to the origin and nature of cats.

Cat grabing mice

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Domestic cats have been tamed and raised by the human for about 10000 years. Time has changed these natural-born carnivores into cute little animals but there are something that can’t go away that easy. It’s the natural instincts of a hunter. Research have shown that cats allegedly kill billions of small animals each year in the US, but it is just a carnivore instinct. Cats are not that evil, they do it because of these reasons:

Cat is a natural hunter

cat is natural hunter

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Have you ever see your cat become excited when playing catch with a fish laser toy or a wool roll? It’s the instinct inside that urge them to do that. So there is nothing to be surprised when your cats are being attracted by small and moving creatures. And even when they are not hungry, cats still do this to sharpen their skills.

Cat is carnivore

Because they are carnivores, they inherit hunting instincts from their wild ancestor and their guts are able to digest raw meat. But the cat doesn’t often eat its prey and there are reasons for that. Because hunting skills are really important so practicing them is something all cat must do. In the wild, mother cat usually brings living animals for their children to practice hunting. The kitten will play with the animal or even eat them. When your cat brings its prey to you, it properly wants you to practice hunting because they never see you doing that.

Want to bring you food


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And another reason when your cats bring you dead animals is because they want to give you food. If you and your kitten are really close to each other, they sometimes bring you mice and birds, its favorite preys. Cats believe that you will starve without this and they think that you will never be able to catch these delicious animals. So you shouldn’t think bad about them, they only have good intention.

Next time when your cat brings you any dead animal, you should gently tell them to put it down then slowly explain to them that you don’t need these mice and you also have enough food. Don’t chase them away like many people would do.


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