Best Extra Large Cat Litter Box

Use more litter and dig in a very large litter box, so using a hypoallergenic, low-dust litter box can benefit your cat’s health. A large cat needs a larger litter box and a lot more litter than a medium-sized cat. Big cats need more space than small cats, but also should consider if your cat is walking around and throwing the litter box up and prefers to write outdoors or in a safe enclosed area.

Each of these litter boxes is worth its weight in clean litter boxes, so read our complete list of best cat litter boxes recommendations to find the best for you and your big kitten. This litter box stands out from the competition with its robust steel frame, smooth sides for easy cleaning and a spacious open design that cats feel comfortable with.

Since each cat and every family will have different needs, we have included a total of 10 of the best recommendations, each tailored to another need instead. So instead, you’ll find a list of the top ten closed cat litter boxes, including front and full entry boxes. Such boxes are designed to eliminate waste tracing and litter boxes of various sizes considered appropriate for different breeds. And the age of the cat.

Litter Box for Large Cats

The Petmate Giant Letter Pan provides a huge litter box for your big feline cat, with a size of 34.7 inches by 19.8 inches wide, your big cat will be comfortable doing his job, and litter box accidents will be a thing of the past.

The closed design contains odors and waste while waste remains out of sight. You might like the fact that the closed design has filler, but your big cat may not be comfortable fitting in a closed crate.

Made of durable plastic with a smooth surface, and measures 24 ” long, 19″ wide and 18.5 “high and offers ample room for small and large cats. Made of the same size, it can hold two medium-size cats simultaneously, or one large cat and large enough to hold the cat without feeling the walls close.

The door measures 10.4″ high and 9.6″ wide and is suitable for large cats to enter. The large opening on the top of the box is wide enough to allow your feline friend to quickly get in and out of the litter box, preventing other animals from entering the litter box.

This makes cleaning easier and creates a lid-open hybrid box in this position that can better serve the needs of both a cat (less access and no restrictions) and braces (odor control and less noticeable waste). This drawer also has a smooth interior with no gaps or corners where debris can get stuck, making it easy to clean and collect.

We chose Frisco’s high-sided litter box as our favorite – large, open and straightforward – but its pallet is about 3 inches longer and 2 inches wider than the Natures Miracle crate, making it perfect for giant cats like Maine Coons.

The larger one is still one of the cheapest we’ve reviewed, and combined with ease of cleaning and the odor-controlled flip-down door; it makes it the best home cat litter for the money. The best litter box for extra large cats. We chose this crate because the unit price can’t be better than utility and is only available in large packs, so that it might be a little more expensive in advance.

Suppose you like the idea of easier cleaning when it comes time to clean your cat’s litter box. In that case, the Litter Genie Cat Litter has a sleek interior, comfortable handles people need, and an open design, large litter box, and tall walls that most cats will love. In addition, the LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box helps clean the litter box by automatically removing clumps from the litter box and dumping them into a charcoal bin to control odors. 

The following litter boxes work similarly to regular litter boxes. Still, they have special features to make cat urine collection easier, such as a different way to handle cat urine, so you don’t have to clean the litter box to remove urine lumps or another way to collect clumps, tall walls, fences etc. In addition, the Booda Dome Cleanstep litter box cleans the floor of debris and allows cats to move freely.

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