Litter-Robot III Open Air Litter Box Review

Want to meet the best automatic litter cleaning monster of the cat’s world? Litter robot III open air-automatic litter box for cats is the one that has won all the challenges of self-cleaning the litter with expertise so far.

With litter robot III at home, the cat owners have little to worry about all the scooping activity. This robust machine just makes it a history to manually scoop the cat’s smelly litter multiple times a day.

Are you looking for the automatic cat litter box that is the best in town? This perfect machine is your finest resort. It makes the life of the cat owner and the cat itself way too easy with its technical and advanced rotator cleaning system. The design of the cat litter box is simply awesome and loved by nearly all the customers. Litter robot brand has managed to achieve success with their third product in a row as well.

Finest features of the litter robot 3:

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

As your cat steps through the large entrance way into the litter robot III, a 3 to 7 minutes self-cleaning cycle begins. Once your cat has done its job and is out of the litter robot box, it begins to shift the clumped litter into the waste box attached below to get rid of the litter. The rotating mechanism does its best to get rid of all the waste in the main hall so that it is ready for your cat the next time it enters.

Once the waste box is full (which takes several weeks), you can empty it into the main waste area and enjoy a daily manual-scooping free day. The carbon filters make sure that no foul odor poisons the fresh air around.

Product description:

The litter robot II comes with the following features:

  • 100 % automatic self-cleaning litter box
  • The chamber is large enough to accommodate large cats
  • Multiple cats can use it
  • Highly functional and efficient cleaning system
  • Night light feature to guide your cat
  • Adjustable cleaning wait time – 3, 5 or 7 minutes wait
  • Smart control panel lockout feature
  • A large opening for cat’s entrance
  • A blue light to indicate that the drawer is full
  • Automatic cat sensor
  • Lip extender and rubber mat for the cat’s ease
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Suitable for cats weighing between 5 and 20 lbs
  • Sleeping mode of the machine adds a spark to its features

Things included in the package:

  • Assembled litter box unit
  • Carbon filter: 1
  • Waste drawer linings: 3
  • 15 volt DC power supply
  • Manual for guidance


The dimensions of the product as mentioned on the Amazon online store are 26.8 x 24.4 x 29.1 inches with a weight of 23.2 pounds. The depth of the globe is 20” from front to back and the oval entrance is about 15.2 inches height x 10.7 inches width.

Pros and cons of the finest automatic litter box in the market:

When it comes to the best units of the litter boxes in the market, there is less that you can say about its negative side but still we have managed to bring you a complete set of pros and cons that we deduced from the customer’s reviews.


  • Fully assembled unit leaving you behind with the only job of placing it at the right place
  • Adjustable cleaning-wait time
  • Unbeatable odor controlling vents and carbon filters
  • Performs all the duties that it claims to
  • Works on every type of floor
  • A single push button will allow you to change the waste box
  • Sensitive sensor
  • Multiple cats can use it easily
  • It reduces the litter by 50 %
  • Easier to clean, no scooping required
  • Trash bag with –a3 gallons storing capacity will work perfectly


    • Heavy to carry
    • Quite expensive for home users
    • Waste drawers aren’t large enough

Tips and tricks to makes sure you use the box to the fullest:

When you have the pet world’s amazing cat litter box at hand, you would like to keep it for a long time, wouldn’t you? The tips and tricks below will help you keep it safe for a very long time making sure you have made the most out of your money.

    • Cleaning issues are dealt with ease as you can disassemble the parts of the litter box and clean them separately. Try not to wash the part with all the electronics as it can be dangerous for the litter box.
    • Cat litter mats are a must-to-use thing with this litter box.
    • Any 8 to 13 gallons trash bag can be used to line the waste box or carry the waste from the drawer.

Overall rating of the automatic cat poop box:

Wondering about what to do? Let us make it easy for you. Go to the website link mentioned below and follow the reviews the customers have given regarding this product.

This automatic cat diaper genie has blown the mind of every customer so far. If you are really interested in making a long-term yet expensive investment in your pet’s product then Litter Robot III is the only pet marvel you need to bring home. All you cats are simply going to love it!. Visit my page to know more awesome products

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