What causes a cat to not use the litter box

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Remember how excited you were when you first buy your litter box and can’t wait to show it to your kitten. But it’s a shame that after some uses, your cat doesn’t seem to like the litter box very much and begin to laying wastes everywhere in your house. This post will help you get to know more about this and maybe you can find a way to solve this problem.

Cat don't use litter box

The cat

First of all, you need to take a look at your cat and get to know his habits and characters. A gentle cat may find the litter box a good place to poop but naughty ones would prefer leaving their poop all over the house. So knowing your cat will help you a lot when it comes to choosing the litter and litter box. You can base on the cat character to adjust the amount of litter, or the choosing the right-sized litter box.

The litter

Some cat may find a type of litter interesting but some may not. So if your cat doesn’t like to use its litter box, it maybe because that he/she find the litter not very tempting. It’s very easy to fix this. Just come to the pet store and let your kitten have access to the most commonly used litter. Choose the type that he/she like the most.

the litter

The box

The box being too small or too big may also be a major factor too. If it’s too small, your cat will feel uncomfortable and there may not be enough litter for it. And if the box is too big, it could overwhelm your cat and make he/she feel intimidated. So choose a right-sized litter box can be a considerable solution. If that’s the cases, here are the top rated cat litter box that you’ll definitely be interested in owning one of them.

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