Litter Robot II Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

‘My miracle’, ‘wonderful machine’ and ‘I’m living the dream’ are the kind of reviews which the customers using the Litter Robot LRII automatic self-cleaning litter box give regarding this versatile and innovative product.

This system unlike the rake cleaning system uses the rotating mechanism to get rid of the litter and disposes it to the underlying large waste disposal box as soon as possible. The spherical design of the litter box is appreciated by a lot of customers and loved by the active and playful furry cats. You can easily make your cat used to the litter box by the hide and seek game.

The pica-boo act not only makes them happy but also gives your cat sufficient time to attend the nature’s call. The whole system installed in the litter box makes it a cool-to-operate automatic cat litter box in the market.

Product description of the cat’s automatic litter box:

Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
4.6 star

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

Those who have visited the market are aware of the several different types of the litter boxes that are sold there. To pick the best is quite difficult which is why we have reviewed the maximum litter box products which we found best in the market.

How does it work?

The working mechanism of all the boxes is quite different. The litter box sold under the model name LRII- Beige, works through the rotator cleaning method. Once the cat steps in, the sensors are activated to clean the litter globe after 7 minutes. It does its assigned job and even stops if the cat steps again in the cat litter box during the cleaning cycle. The waste collection box is lined with the garbage bag which makes it even easier for the cat owner to dispose of the waste after few weeks.

The odor controlling system works flawlessly as well. As you see there are no rakes in the system, you won’t be facing any rake related issues with this unit.

Features of the finest automatic litter globe:

  • This unit comes with a rotator waste cleaning mechanism and so works to its fullest
  • Effective and timely cleaning via the 7-minute cleaning cycle
  • Odor controlled perfectly within the boundaries
  • The design is quite creative and the cats love it
  • The litter it shifted to a garbage bag lined waste disposal box
  • It is reliable and safe
  • Suitable for your cat
  • Comes with 18 months money back guarantee

Included with purchase:

  • A manual for guidance
  • Electric cord and switch
  • Automatic litter globe


The dimensions of this globe are perfect for its use in the house. It is 24 x 22 x 29 inches and the unit alone weighs around 24.2 pounds. When it comes to setting the unit, you’ll find yourself at a good place with this litter box in hand.

Pros and cons of using LRII:

Every product comes with some good and bad points. The pros and cons for this one are as follows:


    • Spot on self-cleaning system
    • It is made up of high-quality solid plastic which is easy to keep clean
    • No manual scooping is required
    • Dust free unit
    • No leaking complaint regarding the litter box
    • Long term investment with a low maintenance cost
    • It is quieter than other self-cleaning litter boxes but definitely not suitable to keep in the bedroom.
    • It offers a simple push button operation system
    • Cat litter mat enhances the litter globe’s efficiency


    • This product is not suitable for you if you are on a limited budget.
    • It’s an expensive brand if compared to the ScoopFree or Omega Paw self-cleaning litter boxes

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Tips and tricks to maximize the use of the product:

By following few tips and tricks, you can easily maximize the use of any product. To make sure your cat loves the new LRII self-cleaning litter globe, follow the tips given below:

    • If your cat is scared of the new litter box, try making it used to the product by turning off the electrical supply.
    • Among the many ways to make the cat-friendly with the litter box, adding the old waste clumps near the new product or attaching magnets to it are the best ways to attract the cat.
    • As multiple cats can use this product, you need to take care of the waste disposal box on a regular basis.

Overall rating of LRII self-cleaning litter box:

The LRII litter box has enchanted many cat owners with its amazing features and the smooth working mechanism. The majority of the users have named it the finest cat litter box while few others were concerned about the longevity of the product and that their cat wasn’t getting used to it. These slight issues varied from customer to customer but as a whole, the product had very high ratings.

Depending not only on the product’s rating but also on the design, efficient working mechanism, and the perfect odor controlling system; LRII self-cleaning cat litter box is worth a try!

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