Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Review

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Omega paw rolls self-cleaning litter box 2016 falls under the classification of the manual yet self-cleaning litter boxes. Although, the way it works is quite similar to the automatic cat litter box designed by the Litter Robot brand but this one requires a little manual effort by the cat owner.

It’s alright in a sense that your cat would love seeing you work for it, right? Keeping a pet cat is a tedious task but the playful activities of this pet make it way too easy.

Mostly those who immensely love their cats and are ready to do a bit of hard work for them, buy this manually self-cleaning litter box. Other than them, those who have a limited budget also go for this litter box.

Except for the completely automatic function, the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box is at the top of all the manually operated self-cleaning cat litter boxes.

Finest features of the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box:

Self Cleaning Litter Box

Editor's Rating: 4.1/5 Overall Score

The way this litter box works is quite simply. A little to and fro movement and the task is done. To operate this litter box, you need to get hold of the box once your cat leaves it. Hold it and roll it to the right until you hear a solid noise and then to the left. Basically what you are doing in this way is shifting the waste into the disposal box attached below.

Product description:

The amazing features of this litter box are as follows:

  • Manually self-cleaning cat litter box
  • Spares the customer from scooping manually every now and then
  • A systematic to and fro movement leads to the collection of the litter in a waste box
  • Drawer like removal of the waste box
  • Easy waste disposal
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Size of the waste box can be changed
  • Suitable for large cats
  • Does not require electricity and filters
  • Hooded shape to capture the odor
  • Controls dust and odors really well
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Things included in the package:

  • A simple self-cleaning litter box
  • Manual for guidance

Dimensions: The omega paw self-cleaning litter unit is quite large requiring sufficient floor space. Its dimensions are 23.5 x 21.2 x 10.5 inches. This unit is low in weight (7.6 pounds- the lowest so far).

Pros and cons of the litter box:

Viewing the positive and negative aspects of the product makes it easy to decide whether you want to buy it or not.


    • Easy to assemble
    • Very easy to use- manually operated
    • Traps the foul odors and is dust free
    • Doesn’t require electricity or batteries
    • Suitable for multiple and small to large cats usage
    • Affordable and light in weight


    • Large in size and requires a large floor space
    • Litter might stick to the drawer or grate
    • Assembly of the box is weak
    • It can get stinky if you do not clean it regularly

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Tips and tricks to makes sure you use the box to the fullest:

Manual self-cleaning litter boxes are a bit tricky to use, unlike the automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Using the tricks and tips below, you can maximize the use of the Omega Paw self-cleaning product.

    • You need to assemble the unit properly. The latches can be weak which is why you need to follow each and every step given in the manual and tighten it properly.
    • There are 3 simple steps to follow when it comes to rolling the litter unit. Makes sure you perform them right so that all the waste is collected in the waste box.
    • To maximize the efficiency of this litter unit, you need to wash and clean it at least once a month. Twice a month cleaning would be great. To this, first, disassemble the unit and then rinse it. Adding bleach would also help.
    • Use a high-quality clumping cat litter. Refill it as well when it needs refilling.

Overall view of the automatic cat poop box:

The Omega Paw self-cleaning yet manual cat poop box offers all the features exactly as it advertises them. From the easy assembling feature to the easy cleaning system; everything is simply perfect.

To know more about the personal experience of the customers who bought this unit, you can look into the Amazon’s review page regarding this product:

This unit has three simple parts and it takes only three steps to assemble it. All the guidance steps regarding its usage are given in the manual that comes along with the package. Once you get your hands on this unit, you’ll see how trouble-free it is to use.

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