ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

The Scoopfree Self Cleaning Litter Box is a product made by PetSafe. This is a brand committed to making innovative and high quality pet products.

When PetSafe first introduced their self cleaning litter box, a lot of cat owners were trilled to learn if this is a good product and if it's worth buying? To find out, read our detailed review below. 

Product Description

The ScoopFree self-cleaning cat litter box is a very handy and useful product, which allows cat lovers to own a cat and worry less about the routine of scooping of their cat’s litter several times a day. This litter box gives the cat a clean and comfortable litter place and the owners a trouble-free routine for weeks.

The ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box offers the cat’s owner a scooping off-time to enhance the jolly bond they share with their pet.

It has a disposable litter tray lined with Premium blue crystals which actively absorb the liquid waste and dehydrate the solid waste as well.

This tray needs to be disposed off and renewed after every few weeks (around 4 weeks if you own one cat). Until then, you don't need to come in contact with any kind of smelly cat litter.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

How Does The PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box Work?

How does the ScoopsFree Litter Box Work

Step 1: As soon as your cat steps in the litter box, the sensors detect its presence and the rake timer begins. 20 minutes after you cat has done it's business, the automatic rake system sweeps off the waste.

Step 2: Your cat's waste is automatically swept into a separate waste compartment. 

Step 3: Change the tray after a few weeks of use. Simply trow the old tray in the garbage, and place a new one. 

Worried about the foul odor? The crystals absorb the odor very well, while all the dirty litter is now in a closed compartment.


  • It is easy to set up the product
  • It doesn’t need daily handling and cleaning
  • Scoopfree waste box can contain the waste for weeks
  • It comes with a rake system and disposable trays with premium blue crystals
  • It comes with a rake system and disposable trays with premium blue crystals
  • The crystals are highly absorbent and make sure that no foul odor is left behind
  • The tray is leak proof
  • The structure is cat-friendly
  • Is suitable for small to large sized cats
  • Offers the cat a hygienic lifestyle
  • The box is cleaned within 20 minutes after the cat has used it
  • It comes with a one year warranty

Things included in the package:

  • A self-cleaning litter box in purple or grey (taupe) color
  • 1 disposable litter tray and lid
  • Original scent litter: 1 bag full
  • An AC adaptor and switch

Dimensions of the ScoopFree Litter Box

The dimensions of this product are 27.4 x 19 x 7 inches. The weight of the product alone is 18 pounds which make it easy to handle and can be carried from one place to another without any hassle.

Pros And Cons Of The PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box:


    • It is easy to handle and the cat gets used to it really quickly
    • The crystal lined disposable trays function to their maximum capacity
    • It keeps you away from the cat litter for weeks
    • High odor controlling mechanism
    • The crystals wouldn’t stick to the cat’s paws
    • Automatic reset self-cleaning cycle takes care of the waste
    • The sides are high and it is easy to assemble the unit


    • Shallow trays
    • Requires changing of the disposable litter tray regularly
    • The changing of the tray makes it comparatively expensive
    • It only works with the PetSafe Crystal Litter

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Tips, Tricks And Hacks How To Use It Correctly

The PetSafe litter box has been designed to provide a safe and hygienic product for your feline. Here are some tips and tricks which will help you while using the litter box.

    • Keep the litter box near the cat’s old litter box place. This will help your cat to get used to the new one.
    • The litter box must be kept in a ventilated place. It’s big in size which is why the room should have enough space.
    • Products like cat mats and the compatible PetSafe disposable litter trays help in prolonging the life of the litter box unit. Using them will help you save your money for the long run.
    • You can increase the life of the crystals by stirring them on a regular basis. This way the urine saturated crystals are mixed with the unused ones prolonging the use of the tray.

Advantages Of The PetSafe Crystal Litter

It's important to note that the ScoopFree Litter box works only with the PetSafe Crystal Litter. If you don't mind your cat using crystal litter, then you'll notice that there are several advantages of using it, compared to other clay clumping litter. 

  • Crystal litter absorbs odor very well
  • It's also 99% dust free, so you won't have to worry about any dust spreading in your home
  • Another very important benefit is that this is a low tracking litter. It will not stick to the paws of your cat and won't spread on your floor. You can also get the PetSafe Litter Box Privacy Hood, which also stops odor and tracking very well. 

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills - 3 Pack

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills - 3 Pack

When the times comes to buy a new PetSafe Crystal Litter tray, you'll notice that they come in a pack of 3 or 6 trays. The trays are disposable and leak-proof. 

The litter comes in 3 different types: sensitive, lavender and original scent. The sensitive litter is free of any perfumes or dyes and is perfect for cats and people sensitive to smells.

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How often do you need to change the PetSafe Crystal Litter Trays?

The 3 pack will last you about 3 months if you have one cat at home, and a month and a half if you have 2 cats. If you buy the 6 pack, it will last you 6 months if you have one cat and 3 months if you have two.

Bottom Line

If you want to know about the customer’s view regarding this product, it can be said that a lot of users were satisfied by the rake self-cleaning system and the disposable crystal lined litter tray of this product. The users appreciated the crystal lined trays and were happy with the odor controlling system. For many of them, ScoopFree Litter Box is one of the top rated automatic cat litter box for anybody who owns a cat.

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