Best Cat Trees Review: 2017 Edition

Buying a cat condo is a tough job. Every feline pet owner wishes to gift their little kitty friend the best furniture item so that they can climb on it, play with the toys and enjoy scratching their body and paws on the carpet laid on it. After all, all the cat lovers want their cat(s) to playfully greet them at the doorsteps every day. This is possible only if your beloved furry friend stays healthy, active and gets all the playing space it wants. The upscale pet’s product manufacturers have fulfilled this job by introducing the best cat trees in the market.

These cat trees are either kept inside or outside the living area, providing the cat a peaceful place where it can enjoy the solitude nap or play with the toys hanging in the condo.

To know more about the choices of the cat’s furniture, from which you can purchase for your adorable cat, read below.

Overview of the best cat furniture items

The manufacturers have built the cat trees in multiple designs using different ideas which would help the cat have all the fun it wants. This cause a bit trouble to the human fellows as we can’t decide for sure about the things that would make our pet jump here and there with excitement, isn’t it right? No matter how much we love our gorgeous cat, we do get confused when it comes to making the best decision for them.

Still, we have managed to put together the 3 best cat trees in the market. They are as follows:

The top 3 performers


Top product brand in the market!

  • Pet-friendly, innovatively designed cat tree
  • Made up of pressed wood, faux fleece covering

Molly and friends

One of the best choices!

  • Quality wood, sisal rope, and carpet are used
  • Assembled, pet-centric cat tree design

Go Pet Club

Commonly used pet furniture!

  • Compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope is used to make it
  • Suitable for medium to large sized cats

Comparison of the best cat trees in the market



Made up of


Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -50-Inch to 60-Inch

50 – 60”

Attractive pressed wood, faux fleece covering

Dangling toy, multiple stories for climbing, rope for scratching the claws

Molly and friends Five Tier Condo/Bed and Cradle Cat Tree - 66 in.


High quality sisal rope, carpet and solid body

2 beds, 1cradle, 1condo, 1 tunnel and rope for scratching

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80-Inch, Beige


Compressed wood, sisal rope, faux fur

13 levels, 3 posts, 1 hanging toy, rope

Molly and Friends "Virgie" Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal


Sisal rope, solid build, carpet

1 condo, 2 cradles, 2 beds, 1 tunnel and rope

Armarkat Cat Tree

70- to 75”

Pressed wood, faux fur for covering, rope

1 hammock, 2 hanging toys, multiple posts and levels

Kittywalk Penthouse with Resting Platforms

5 feet high

Netted outdoor shelter, roof, multiple hammock, and a steel frame

Weatherproof hammocks, weatherproof sunshades

Molly and Friends "Pinnacle" XL Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal


High-quality build, carpet, and sisal rope

2 condos, 4 cradles and rope

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 – 72 inch


Pressed wood is used along with rope, faux fur covering

Big condo, 6 perches, 2 ladders, 1 hanging toy

Go Pet Club Cat House - 62"


Pressed wood, rope, and faux fur covering

Rope, 1 basket, 1 ladder, posts are multiple

Majestic Pet Products Casita Cat Condo - 72"


Honey colored faux fur, rope, wood

4 story residence, 1 ladder,2 nests, 2 perches, and a dangly mouse

What are the benefits of the best cat tree?

Keeping a pet cat at home is high-maintenance. You need to provide your cat a nutritious diet and a healthy environmental to live in. The cat trees help you do that in multiple ways which make them quite beneficial. The major benefits of this playful furniture are as follows:

Benefits offered to the cats:

  • Keeps the cat active and merry:

Accept it or not, like you, the cat also needs a break from the human touch to enjoy the life it is living. Staying active and cheerful largely depends on the surroundings of the cat and the cat condos are the best way to give the cats the space they want. Putting this cat furniture at a different location in or outside the house gives the cat a chance to take a break and enjoy.

  • Fulfills its needs:

The cat trees have ramps, perches, sleeping areas, jumping and scratching posts along with the artificial hanging toys (mice) that keep the cats busy and allow them to play freely.

  • Good for health and fitness:

When you see your cat jumping and running here and there, scratching its paws and using the perches to look around; you ultimately know that your pet is active. The cat trees act as an exercise spot for the cats and keep them healthy. The active nature of the cat will also help it fight the disease it’s suffering from (if any).

Benefits offered to the cat owners:

  • A break from the constant cat care:

It’s not necessary to spoil your cat all the time with the love you have for it in your heart. At times, your cat needs a break and so do you. The innovative cat trees distract the cats really well and help you get a free time. You can take care of your other chores while your cat is away having its own time.

  • A chance to praise the beauty you have:

Oh, look how cute it looks jumping and trying to pull the toy! Oh and there, look how brilliant and playfully stupid it looks!

The cat tree gives you the chance to praise your beautiful cat and lets you relive the moments that made you love these little creatures in the first place.

Is it necessary to get a cat tree for your cute furry ball?

The answer to this question can be answered through three simple questions:

  • Do you want your cat to stay active and healthy all the time?
  • Do you wish to offer it the best comfort and all the luxuries of the pet world?
  • Would it be okay if it doesn’t enjoy the pleasures that other furry felines do?

If yes, yes, and no is the order of your answer; there’s no further need to persuade you!

Comprehensive reviews of the best 10 cat trees to help you pick the best one

1. Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height -50-Inch to 60-Inch:

Armarkat, being a pet-friendly and a pet-centric product manufacturer, makes use of the best raw material to design the most innovative cat tree for the cheerful cats. The 50 to 60-inch high cat tree allows activities like climbing, sleeping and exercising to take place really easily. Moreover, the product comes with a manual which makes it easy to assemble it.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Amazing, cat-friendly design of the product
  • Offers the cat a scratching, climbing, exercising, and sleeping platform
  • Easy to keep in the room you want
  • Harmless to the pet
  • Provide the best cat lounging experience
  • Easy to assemble through the given tools and manuals
  • Extremely sturdy

2. Molly and friends Five Tier Condo/Bed and Cradle Cat Tree - 66 in:

On number two, we have the molly and friends brand’s cat tree on our list. This one is a 66-inch high cat tree. It is handmade and comes in an already assembled for. The high-quality sisal rope, carpet and building material is used to make it. No matter whether your cat is large in size or small, the rest beds of this tree is suitable for all.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Comes with a solid construction and requires no assembling
  • Just buy it and place it in the garden or indoor
  • Suitable for all sized cats
  • Beds and resting areas are spacious
  • The packaging is perfect
  • Best for cat exercising and perching

3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80-Inch, Beige:

Go pet Club made a clever choice by using the compressed wood, sisal rope, and the faux fur to construct the cat trees. The basket in its setting, the dangling toy mice along with the other structures often attract all the cats. It is suitable for medium to large sized cats and all the assembly instruction are given within the package.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Easy to assemble cat furniture
  • For medium to large sized cats
  • High-quality building material is used
  • Perfect height of the tree
  • Provides a great platform for playing
  • Finest product for the price

4. Molly and Friends "Virgie" Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal:

Molly and friends brand really knows what a kitty wants! This cat tree provides a solid play place for the cats. It is made up of the best wood to give it a sturdy look. The carpets and the sisal rope that is used is exactly what the cat wants. The Virgie’s design is different than the other cat trees which make it a precious edition of the Molly and Friends.

Why should you buy this product?

  • High-quality wood and carpet fabric is used
  • Thick sisal rope for claws sharpening
  • Already assembled with a perfect height
  • Rest areas and the beds are large
  • Suitable for multiple cats as well
  • Perfect place for the cats to stretch, play and lounge
  • 1 condo, 2 cradles, 2 beds, 1 tunnel, and rope

5. Armarkat Cat Tree - 70-75":

Like the other Armarkat cat trees, this model is also made from the finest and attractive pressed wood. The faux fur covering is spotless and it allows the heartwarming cat(s) to play the way they want to. What makes it the best is the multiple playing tools it offers the cat.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Great unit for the cats
  • Enough height to provide the cat a jumping, climbing and perching area
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Manual is given to help the customer
  • Easy to afford it
  • Comes in handy by the cat

6. Kittywalk Penthouse with Resting Platforms:

Kittywalk is a new entry in the list of the brands we have covered here. With a new brand comes a new attractive design which is loved by most of the cats out there. It comes in a vertical style offering small apartments and condo balconies to the cat. The steel frame forms the basis of this product and is covered with a high-quality net.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Different design and style
  • Attracts the cats to play with it
  • Offers a weatherproof hammock for up to 3 kittens
  • Easy to set and is already assembled
  • Free storage and travel bag are given along

7. Molly and Friends "Pinnacle" XL Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal:

The pinnacle forms one of the best activity trees in the world of the pet products. It is suitable for the use of multiple and even large size cats. This brand’s product is quite high on the recommendation list of the customers who come to purchase the cat tree for their furry friends.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Sturdiest upright post for the cats
  • Made up of upscale raw material
  • Cats enjoy climbing, perching, scratching and sleeping in it
  • Heavy duty screws and bolts are used to make it strong
  • All assembled, you just have to place it in the right location

8. Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 – 72 inch:

Your cat will definitely love to climb, perch and sharpen its claws using this play condo. The go pet club 72” high beige cat tree is ideal for the use of the medium to large size cats.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Good height and all the playing platform are given
  • High-quality product and innovative design
  • Multiple, medium to large sized cats can use it

9. Go Pet Club Cat House - 62":

Another cat tree product of the Go pet club house on our list is 62” in height and made with the best and highly creative approach. This product is relatively more economical than the other Go pet’s products.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Offers a playful platform for cats
  • 3 tier tree, 1 basket, 1 ladder, 1 post
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rope for sharpening the claws

10. Majestic Pet Products Casita Cat Condo - 72":

On number ten at our best cat trees list is the majestic pet products casita cat condo. It is 72” high, economical than the others, and offers a four story residence to the cats.

Why should you buy this product?

  • Made from the finest material
  • Step by step instructions is given to assemble it
  • 1 ladder, 2 nests, 2 perches, 1 dangling mouse

If you want know more, please watch an awesome cat tree structure by cat mansions in this video below

With the last cat tree review, we have made finding the finest cat tree with an exquisite design that fulfills all the needs of your cat quite easy. The list that is given above consists of the high-quality solidly constructed products. Purchasing any of them for your purring cat would be perfect.

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