How to remove any unpleasant chemical smells from a new cat condo?

A cat tower is like an amusement park for cats and kittens. There are so many different things for your cat to play with and entertain itself.

But one of the most common problems that most cat owners face when buying their new tree is the odor from the newly made materials. It could come from the carpet or the glue and can be really annoying.

And even when you have bought the best cat tree out there, your condo could still have unpleasant smells. So in case you don't know how to remove this odor, I’ll share some of my knowledge so that you can deal with this problem.

How to remove odor from new cat tree

Let The Cat Tree Air Out

This is the most simple and common method to remove odor from almost everything. Do you notice that smells will come off after a period of time? It is because the ventilation makes odors evaporate. 

So to remove odors quickly, you simply need to speed up the process. The simplest way is to leave your condo outside somewhere ventilated and leave it for the smell to go away. Or you can use a fan to blow it out quicker.

Using baking soda is also a great way to remove unpleasant smells from your cat tree. Because odors mostly come from the humidity inside the condo and baking soda is a great hygroscopic matter.

You should sprinkle the powder in every corner of the tree and leave it for one night so the baking soda can absorb all the moisture. After that clean everything up with a hand vacuum.

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Deodorizer spray

The deodorizing spray is a good alternative method. But it could cost you more and not all deodorizers will work. You need to choose the right one in order to get good results.

When using these spray, you should also consider the chemical components inside it. Make sure you and your cat are not allergic to any of them.

And remember to choose a light smell or unscented deodorizer because your cats don’t like smells that are too strong.

This can keep your cat from playing with its mansion and possibly your newly bought mansion will end up in the attic.

Maintenance tips

Even when you have completely removed all the unpleasant smell inside the cat tree, it can still have odors in the future. So you should place it somewhere dry and ventilated to avoid getting bad smells.

And remember to clean the cat tree thoroughly every month, with a brush or a vacuum. This way you can remove any hairs or litters that have built up in the carpet.

The condo is a really fun place for your kitten but your cat needs your help to keep this place always tidy and neat, so you can prolong it's life.

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