What is the best and easiest way to clean a used cat condo

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What is the advantage of owning a cat tree? First, your lovely kitty will have a special place for it to play (and destroy at the same time). So you won’t have to worry about your cat scratching on your favorite couch, stealing your socks, or messing with toilet paper. But like everything else, you will need to clean your tower when it gets dirty or smelly. But how to clean it properly is the big question here. There are so much thing to consider and you don’t even know where to start with. Well, take it easy, I’m here to help you.

Take the pieces apart

Take the pieces apart

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The first thing you want to do is to remove the condo piece by piece as best as possible. That way, you can save time cleaning them later. After removing them, separate and arrange each stuff so you can clean them easier and avoid losing components in the cleaning process. And cleaning a furniture that is completely assembled makes it hard to reach the corners and nooks.

Clean the exteriors

Hand vacuum

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Use a specific tool or a brush and sweep all the dirt and exteriors out of the condo. Then use a hand vacuum and remove others impurity. You should start with the surface and focus on the fibers where dirt settles in then move inside your cat mansion. Make sure you don’t forget to clean the corners because this is the places that are dirtiest.

Remove the odors

If the odors are not heavy, you could remove it with a deodorizer spray or just place your tower outside to ventilate. But if the odors are really bad and look like it won’t go away with just some simple sprays. You’ll need a more advanced method. What you need to do is use baking soda and spread all over your condo. Leave it one night for the baking soda to absorb all the odors then clean your tower with a hand vacuum. I’ve written a post specific for remove odor from cat tree. Check it out on my website if you have time.

Reassemble the parts.

When the cleaning is do

Show it to your kitten

credit: cattreeplans.com

ne, reassemble all the pieces just like how you remove it in the first place. Carefully check to see if your mansion is safe. Make sure all attachments must be firm and solid.


Show it to your kitten

Some cats won’t like the condo after it is cleaned because of the different smell. You could use catnip to attract its attention. Spread the grass all over the condo and leave it there. Your cat will definitely come to examine. And I’m sure your kitty will love its newly-redecorated mansion.

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