What should I know to keep a cat in a cat tree

Cat condo

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You know the feeling when you buy a cat tree for the first time, spend about 2 hours to put it all together and so exciting to show the condo for your kitten? But sadly, your cat doesn’t even look at the tower. It still enjoys sleeping and scratching on your new sofa. The same problem has happened to me once. So the question here is what to do to keep your cat in a condo? It took me awhile to find the answer but I found it (of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this). And today I’m going to show you how to keep your kitten in its condo.

Buy a good condo

The first thing you need to do is to buy a good tower that is suitable for your kitten. Carefully consider important factors like your cat’s personality, weight, and size. Make sure the condo you purchased is big enough for your kitten and stable enough for it to play on. And don’t forget

Good condo

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to consider your cat’s personality, it is an important factor. If it is active and obstreperous, you need to make sure your condo is strong enough for it to jump or swing on it. And the tree must also be filled with lots of funny stuff to satisfy your kitten like scratching posts or jingle balls. On the contrary, if your kitten is a sleepyhead who is always ready to fall asleep everywhere, your condo should be cover with Faux fur, soft carpet, and cozy little house. So you should carefully consider choosing the best cat tree for your little kitty. With this, your cat could stay in its mansion for a whole day. And if your kitten refuses to stay in its condo in the first few days, it is probably because of the unpleasant chemical smells inside it. You could easily remove these smell by simply put the tower outside somewhere dry and ventilated. I have posted a post for this specific matter, you can find it on our website.

Position it well

The cat is a natural carnivorous so it loves tall places where it can have full vision of what is going down there. You should put your condo somewhere clear so that your cat can observe the whole room. A corner is a perfect place. Your kitten also like places that from there it can easily jump to other places. Somewhere near a book shelf or a window would be a perfect location.

Use catnip

Cat nip

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You can use catnip and spray on the tree to attract your kitten attention then slowly let your cat get used to with the condo. In case you haven’t know what catnip is, it is a special type of grass that is famous for making cats high and it is also used by the human as a sedative. The catnip will act as a catalyst that makes your cat more willing to explore the condo. Use can use this method to apply on other stuff like training your cat.

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