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Cat tree


Do you love cats? Of course, nobody can hate this cute little creature. I’m a huge cat lover and I’ve been working with them for years since I own a pet shop. And I also love dogs but in this post, we’ll just talk about cats (sorry dog lovers). Have you ever seen your cat being bored and tired, lying on your sofa? You want to help it but you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing for you. All you need is a cat tree to entertain your cute little cats. Now I know that there are many good cat tree on the market but isn’t it better to make it yourself. That way, your cat tree will be much more meaningful and your cat will definitely love it. So here we go.

Step 1: Preparation



  • A straight poll, the length depends on how long you want your cat tree to be. Your poll can be made from wood, iron or anything as long as it is firm and straight.
  • Thick wooden board 35×35 cm to make the base. Make sure it is heavy enough to sustain the force when your cat climbs on it.
  • Mid-size 3cm nails.
  • 2 big mushroom head nails.
  • A sennit that is long enough to cover the poll. This will allow you cat to climb the poll.
  • A wooden board 20x20cm to make the top, you should make it wide enough for your car to lay on it.


Step 2: Build the tree

Build the tree


  • Use a nail and fix the rope to the poll. Make sure your poll is not wet and slowly tie the rope around the pole. You need to wrap it tightly, this is really important because your cat can’t climb on the poll if the rope is loose. Use another nail to fix the end of the rope to the poll. Make sure to hit it hard.
  • Use 4 nails to attach the base with the poll. Test it to see if it is firm, use a big mushroom head nail if you feel your cat tree isn’t solid enough.
  • The other wooden board will be used to make the top of the tree. Fix it with a mushroom head nail. You can glue sennit around it for your cat to climb on it easier.

Step 3: Test it

Young cat loves to play with best rated cat tree because it looks interesting to them and they can practice climbing and scratching on it. Mature cats are usually ignore everything so you need something to make it feel exciting. Maybe a treat on the top of the tree. It can be food, treat or catnip (a type of grass for cat). With just a little effort and you can make an interesting toy for your cat. And base on what i’ve provided you, you can customize your own tree with all kind of interesting stuff.

Hope that this can help you enjoy your time with your cat.

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