Top 3 Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop Reviews

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For most owners, feeding their cat has always been a tough task since these felines have a really different palate. And aside from satisfying their taste, we also have to need to maintain the basic nutrition in every meal. In this case, pre-made food seems like a really nice and easy choice. Finding the right cat food for smelly poop has always been hard.

The reason makes cat poop become smelly is because of the unbalanced ingredients that were used to make it. Usually, the over used amount of carbohydrate and other artificial components are the response for this. Here is the list of the best product for cats with smelly poop that we’ve chosen which will surely stop your cat from laying these awful wastes.

#1. Best Pick - Ziwipeak Air-Dried cat Cuisine

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Cuisine
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

This dried bag of cat food contains 4 different choices in main ingredients for users. They’re beef, lamb, mackerel & lamb, and venison. All are free of antibiotics and growth promotion hormones. The food was made through a twin-stage, air-drying process for natural taste and eliminating any bacteria. The bag contains 98% of fresh meat without any rendered meat or any type of grains like corn, potatoes, and so on, which makes this a great choice for soft dry cat food.

Most verified purchaser complaints about this food is that some of their kittens didn’t like the food even though it’s very nutritious. My suggestion is that you should try a different kind of meat on the category and see if yours likes it. Also, having too much protein on the food could make your kitten suffer from constipation so you should give yours some veggies once in a while.


  • Nutritious with a complete and balanced recipe
  • High-protein ingredients make it perfect for removing smelly poop.
  • Lots of choice in flavor and meat


  • Some cat might not like the taste
  • May cause constipation if being feed for a long time

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#2. Budget pick - Instinct Variety, Instinct Freeze Dried Raw

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Market Nuggets Grain Free Recipe Natural Cat Food
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

This new product from Instinct is a simple way to feed your cat. By crumbling the food into a bowl and adding water to it, you can provide your cat a nutritious meal and also provide the additional water each meal. The food is made from 90% meat, 10% veggies and vitamin which is perfect if you’re looking for something to fix the smelly odor coming from your cat's poop. Plus, it’s grain-free and gluten-free. You’d be happy to hear this since these are the two important factors that make your cat poop become smelly.

Even though the food is well balanced and nutritious, there are still chances that your cat won’t like it. And in this case, not like many other types of food which you can change the flavor, you’ll just have to deal with it. It’s a downside that I think they should improve in future.


  • Nutritious ingredients
  • Well balanced and completed for cat with smelly poop
  • Can supply water through feeding


  • Limited selection in flavor
  • The texture might not interest the cat

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#3. Also Great - Weruva Presents Grain-Free Cat Food

Weruva Presents Grain-Free Cat Food
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.3/5 Overall Score

You should not miss the Weruva Presents Cats as a raw serve picked in stinky poo time. This food is formulated for kittens whose eating capacity is known very considerable. The manufacturers made broths and can the protein from fish such as tuna or Salmon that are as familiar and favorited taste for all cats as chicken or lamb. To cope with the awful smelling poop, a closely raw meal will be the help.

The broths are thick and freshly canned to bring a natural taste with full bites and Normally, it is served in juicy formation. The outstanding recipe has made canned food close to cats’ natural diet (which is raw meat and no vegetables), this is the reason why cats eating Weruva Presents will improve litter conditions.


  • Lots of selection in flavors and sizes
  • Nutritious ingredients and well-balanced recipes
  • Gluten-free and grain-free help reducing bad odor in poop


  • The food texture is not good
  • Short preservation time

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Things to consider

Cat size

Smaller felines need another type of nutrition besides high protein product. Don’t forget to feed them quality food. The foods above are rich in protein but some might lack other minerals and vitamins for small cats to develop. So forget the poop things if your cat doesn’t develop in the way it should be. And for matured one, it’s very easy to feed them. Just choose one of the food that we’ve suggested and feed your cat in a couple of weeks and you’ll see the result.

Feeding habit

But don’t over-feeding your kitten with protein just because you think that they’ll not cause bad odor. When eating lots of food, the stomach will generate a huge amount of sulfur which can produce gasses. This is also a reason for smelly poop.


Other reasons besides the food?

There are many other reasons that make your cat poop become smelly. Besides the food, it could be the cat’s Organics are having a problem. One of those is inner bleeding which can make the poop become smelly. Also if yours are having medicine, it might be a reason making your cat poop become smelly too.

How to keep the enthusiasm?

Lots of cats have anorexia after a few months of feeding the same food. That’s why we should combine and mix them in order to keep your cat palate up. Choose a few types of good food (in our list above), try feeding yours these foods in a different order. This is a really effective way that I often use with mine.

Bottom line

Our chosen food is very effective for resolving the bad poop problem for your cat if being feed in the proper way. But don’t give yours a large amount each time you feed it. And also try feeding different types of food each time to keep the palate up. Let your stress away with this automatic cat feeder

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