Top 3 Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop Reviews In 2017

Why don’t we talk about cat feces, one of speakers for your feline health condition? Actually, I would like to recommend some cat foods which will help if your cats are giving foul smelling stools. In fact, cats in normality give firm, formed and almost minimal odor feces, hence, if cat solid waste becomes too stinky and smelly, you should adjust their diet.

We have checked many products and also studied on reasons, then finally, we recommend you the best cat foods for smelly poops and we hope it is helpful to our case.

#1. Best Pick - Ziwipeak Air-Dried cat Cuisine

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Cuisine
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

Ziwipeak Air-Dried cat Cuisine, flavored Lamb, is picked for its raw formula of natural and premium protein. This product is not dry food you feed your cats regularly but still contains enough animal based protein that is raw but dried for long storage. However, experts of Ziwipeak minimized indigestible ingredients such as potatoes, wheat, rice, sugar,..for a better diet avoiding diarrhea.

Fresh meat and low proportion plants with no grains will enhance the situation of bad smelling feces. In addition, new air-dried technology of preserving from Ziwipeak succeeded in eliminating harmful bacteria and keeping lambs inside always fresh and nutritional.

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#2. Budget pick - Instinct Variety, Instinct Freeze Dried Raw

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Market Nuggets Grain Free Recipe Natural Cat Food
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5 Overall Score

Ziwipeak Air-Dried Cat Cuisine seems a bit luxurious with a small package. However, you are totally able to turn the table with a much more economical charge. Among many manufacturers, we introduce you a product from Instinct Variety, Instinct Freeze Dried Raw market Nuggets Grain Free Recipe.

It is a new range product of Instinct, hence, you can feel secure about applied technologies. This package offers totally raw meat which has been through no process but freezing for longer storage, even more, all nutrition from fresh meat is well kept but no dehydrated. Despite of rich provision of protein, Instinct formula contains no grain and gluten to minimize risk of diarrhea. In terms of procedure, people find it easy to serve Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Market to cats because it is possible to be served instantly with water and tastes originally delicious.

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#3. Also Great - Weruva Presents Grain-Free Cat Food

Weruva Presents Grain-Free Cat Food
4.2 star

Editor's Rating: 4.3/5 Overall Score

You should not miss the Weruva Presents Cats as a raw serve picked in stinky poo time. This food is formulated for kittens whose eating capacity is known very considerable. The manufacturers made broths and can the protein from fish such as tuna or Salmon that are as familiar and favorited taste for all cats as chicken or lamb. To cope with the awful smelling poop, a closely raw meal will be the help.

The broths are thick and freshly canned to bring a natural taste with full bites and Normally, it is served in juicy formation. The outstanding recipe has made canned food close to cats’ natural diet (which is raw meat and no vegetables), this is the reason why cats eating Weruva Presents will improve litter conditions.

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Why should you trust us

We do not just recommend your cat normal foods, but foods to improve situation of their smelly poop. We have studied about why felines feces become stinky and how is supposed to be normal, some creditable written works about the issue you can read for more details in The nest or more fun to visit catster for further sharings from cat raisers. We realized that raw foods will be the best choice for cats because it is Felidae’s nature diet.

However, we understand that canned and processed foods are winners of market. We have taken recommendations from some brands such as IMAs or Innova, or Stella and Chewy’s for wet food, but that is not easy to figure out affordable and well stored fresh meat brands as mentioned suppliers. Above all, we based on what people should provide cats while they are giving us constant foul feces and while we hardly provide them totally raw diets to show off the most suitable and healthy instant food to help you and your cats out.

Who should get this

You definitely need one of those foods if you are suffering stinky smell from your cat solid waste. There must be a lot of reasons for smelly poop, but it is the first symptom of any disorders or illnesses. Before being checked by vets, felines can try a new diet which is supposed to be close to their nature formula- raw diet.

If you would like to provide your cat with fresh meals everyday with high protein, these products are totally fine at any aspects. They meet all requirements of nutrition and safety, even more delicious than dry foods.


1. Ziwipeak Air-Dried cat Cuisine

Ziwipeak is originated from New Zealand with all fresh and nature sourced meat provided from local farms. The almost raw and unprocessed formula lets Ziwipeak fresh and delicious. It is also produced with added vitamins and minerals for providing your cats balanced nutrition intake. All ingredients are digestible and purposed to nearly natural cat diet, hence, it prevents your cats from obesity and diarrhea which result smelly poop.

Consulted from animal nutritionists, the formula of Ziwipeak stays away from allergens and indigestible components to cats such as corn, wheat or grains. That would be the best to transit your cats from former diets to Ziwipeak with schedule and patience in a week for most effective enhancing foul stool situation. You should clearly know that too fast transition will negatively affect.

2. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw market Nuggets Grain Free Recipe.

It creditably brings your cat 100% freeze dried raw meat. By freezing method, almost all nutrition is kept and tastes freshly as it should be in raw. Instinct’s manufacturers introduced to us a closely nature diet for cats - instant raw meat with minimally processed and non-cooked ingredients. This origin formula will save our cats from producing uncommon feces.

Made from common protein such as nuggets and chickens or salmons, even untrained people will find it trustworthy for a digestible meal.

People can serve it to any felines at any ages because the protein level is compatible with every stage life. Even so, the amount of feeding should be varied among kittens, adult cats and seniors to guarantee sufficient intake.

3. Weruva Presents Grain-Free Cat Food


    • Fresh and juicy broths to stimulate cat appetite
    • Nearly raw protein and no-vegetables to bring cats a meal like their natural diet
    • Rich protein formula to insurance kitten development


    • There is not deboned chicken, you can find little bones in thick broths due to treatment. Even though kittens are able to chew and digest but You should make sure that your pets will be safe during eating and swallowing.

Addition Information

There are some reasons why cat solid waste becomes stinky and one of them generates from diet. What cats eat really matters about how their poops smell and look. One of factors is overwhelmed protein proportion. Kittens may need a higher protein diet to foster physic development and sometimes such as pregnancy period, however, some breeds need to consume much more protein for their normal growing up. Hence, if cat stools smell badly, you should study if there is any problems with their current diet to do timely adjustment.

Diarrhea is one of factors which cause stinky cat stools. There would be some ingredients in their diet which cannot be digested properly and stored up inside cat stomach then set begin of diarrhea. It also happens when kittens eat adult cat foods which they are unable to consume completely and result in inflammatory bowel disease, the onset of diarrhea. At this time changing food will be a treatment, but consulting vet would be more recommended.

Sudden change of diet will cause foul smelling feces because it causes diarrhea. Some illnesses or intestinal parasites may make cat diets changed for medication remedy. But abrupt changes will not be approved if you want to live with stinky smelling cat poops. Changing diet is what you have to do but leading them to smooth transition to new formula will be a task you should experience

Bottom line

In summary, you can understand that diet will affect cat feces and matter on how it smells and forms. Both nutritional proportion and type of foods contribute onto cat smell status. The closer to nature diet the meals are, the less stinky cat stools are. Therefore, meeting up all qualifications in reducing situation, Ziwipeak Air-Dried cat Cuisine is the most popular food for smelly cat poop. Even so, for its premium origin from New Zealand, Instinct Freeze Dried Raw market Nuggets Grain Free Recipe will be an alternative choice for affordable charge.

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