21 Interesting and Funny Cat Facts You Didn’t Know

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Cat facts

Cats appear everywhere in our society, we see them in our daily lives, from your home to the office, and on the Internet. Stories, tweets, pictures, video, meme, gif,…It’s a simple fact that we human loves cat. Who wouldn’t? The tiny small kittens are so cute while the funny adult ones are so entertaining. But there are many facts that you haven’t know about them. Here are 21 surprising facts about cats that will blow your mind:

1. There were no cats in America until the 1750s.

They were brought to America from Europe as pest controllers. With the colonization of the continent, many immigrated from their country to the new promising land. But the overpopulation caused many problems, and one of those is pests (I mean rats). That’s why many people brought along a cat to help them.

2. They’re America most popular pet.

With approximately 88 million domestic cats compare to 74 million dogs. Even though dogs are considered “man’s best friends.” Cats are still loved for both their cuteness and weirdness.

3. In the USA, 30.4% households in the US own a cat.

And 84% of them are spayed or neutered. Matured cats, especially male ones often leave their home during oestrus. Sometimes they come home later; sometimes they don’t. That’s why owners choose to neuter their cat to prevent this.

4. Sadly, about 60 million feral cats are living on the street in the US.

They survive from gathering food from trash, hunting rats, bats and birds. Many animal organization has tried to keep control of the situation.

5. 50% of household cat is overweight.

But 91% of owners don’t know that. Usually, suitable weights for cats are varied depending on their breed. But their body shape should be long and thin. Overweight can leads to diabetes and many other conditions.

6. Cats and names

The most popular name for a female cat is Bella. Chloe, Lucy, Lily, and Sophie are our honorable mentions. The most popular name for a male cat is Max. Oliver, Charlie, Jack, and Simba are some of our honorable mentions.

7. Spy cats.

The CIA spent $20 million in the 1960s to train cat as secret agents against the Soviet. The first one was hit by a taxi after being released just a few minutes ago. The project was later canceled. In 2013, a former Director of the CIA's Office of Technical Service name Robert Wallace said that the project was demolished due to the difficulty that occurs during the training.

8. Cats even entered politic.

Stub the Cat, for example, had been the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, from July 1997 until his recent death in July 2017. Not only did he become the town’s tourist attraction, but Stub also widely loved and respected by the people in town.

9. Masters of climbing.

Some cats had survived from 35 floor falling due to their righting reflex. It’s the same reflex that keeps them balance when climbing in difficult places.

10. Cat has incredible night vision.

Which allows them to see clearly at light level six times lower than human. That’s why cats are a dangerous threat to rodents animals that often work in the night. The same reason that we keep them domestic.

11. Cat’s tail is the most important part of its body (well, except the head).

The tail kept your cat balance and stabilized whenever they’re jumping, climbing, or walking. It also shows the cat emotion and attitude.

12. An average cat can live upto 20 years old

Yup, that's true. Just make sure you take care of your cat well by feeding him/her good food (not those cheap canned foods). Most manufacture tends to shorten the amount of nutrients and replace them with carbs since it makes the price is lower. And did you know that the oldest cat ever lived is Creme Puff (confirmed) who was born on August 3, 1967, and died on August 6, 2005? He lived 38 years in this life which means that he is over 266 years old in human years. A solid proof to the myth which says that cat has nine lives.

13. They sleep 70% time of their lives.

That’s why we often see our feline lazily laying on their bed. But even in their sleep, cats still very consciously aware of what’s happening around them.

14. Cat on Internet

The oldest cat video on Youtube date on 1894. It’s about two cat boxing each other. Actually, they were paw fisting.

15. Millionaire cat.

The richest cat in the world name Tomasi who live in Italia. In 2012, a 94-year old Italian heiress passed away and left her $13 million fortune for her cat. Therefore, making him richer than most of us.

16. In ancient Egypt, cats were known as “Mau.”

They were considered as a sacred animal. When a cat died, people will shave off its eyebrows to mourn its death. Cats are also considered the spirit animal of many ancient tribes and religious.

17. Cat people.

Only 11.5% people consider themselves “cat people.” These are the people that love cats and find fun watching their weird behaviors.

18. Introvert people.

“Cat people” is also 11% more likely to be introverted. Like their “spirit animal,” these people don’t like to communicate through words or actions.

19. Cat owners are 17% more likely to have a graduate degree.

Some research has shown that cat owners often like to stay in a quiet place rather than going outside. And during that time, they often study (probably). That’s is why they came up with this fact.

20. Kingdom of cats.

At Disneyland each night, after the park closed, it fills up again, only this time there are hundreds of feral cats. This help keeps rats under control since there are lots of leftover being placed in the trash during the day.

21. Boneless animals.

Cat love squeezes themselves into small objects since they need this skill to avoid bigger predator in the wild. Cat also love to scratch things, this helps them to sharpen their claws. Even though cat has been domesticated for thousands of years, they still sharpen their skill every day in order to pass them to the next generations.

Cats are one of the closest animals to us human. So treat your cat with care. They may be weird and sometimes grumpy, but deep down, they love you. That’s all for today. And if you want to find out more exciting information about these felines, check out others columns on our website.

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