How long can a cat go without food?

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Just like we do, cats also need food to survive. But have you ever wonder how long can a cat go without food? Now I know that this may seem like a stupid and uncomfortable question but it’s just a simple knowledge. And you’ll never know that might need it someday.

 The important of food to cat’s body

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Cat Love Food:)

First, you need to imagine the body of any living creature is like a machine and it needs to be filled with fuel in order to work properly. So that makes food really important for a cat to keep its body function. In case you haven’t known yet, cats are semi- arid animals so they don’t need to drink too much water. Their body will receive water through eating food. So if the cat isn't eating enough, the situation could be very bad

 How long can a cat go without food?

I’ll separate this into two different cases. The first is your cat is able to drink water and the second is the cat doesn’t have any water at all.

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How long can I survive?

In the first situation when your cat can have some water, it can stay alive for about 2-3 weeks. Because when the body stop taking nutrition from the outside, it’ll start to consume the reserved energy inside our body. And our body only stop functioning when that reserved energy source is gone. The water has an important role in this process, it makes our blood stay in liquid form so the heart can pump easier. That way the nutrition will be distributed over our entire body.

But when the cat doesn’t have enough both water and food, it can die in just a few days. Because all feline organs need water to sustain their function. The water flows in their blood and there is water in every cell of the body. If the water can’t be provided enough, your cat will die because of dehydration before it becomes starving.

  How to increase water in your cat ration

increase water in cat food

Feed me with water

Since your cat doesn’t drink too much water and often absorb water through its food, it is necessary to increase the water ratio in their food. But how can you do this without making your dislike its food? It’s really simple.

  • Feed your cat veggies

You should teach your cat to eat veggies when it was little, it’ll be easier to do when your cat are still young and haven’t gotten used to any specific type of food. Veggies often have a lot of water in them and they also are an important source of fiber.

  • Feed your cat cook food

You shouldn’t just rely on dry food because they’re not healthy for the cat. Your cat needs extra nutrition for its digestive system to work properly. So you should feed your cat cook food. You could combine veggies, rice, and fish. My cat really likes them



These are just some science fact, you should never let anything like this happen in the real life, though. Hope you find our post useful. Want more information about cat food or cat feeder click here

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