Why does my cats stare at the wall

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Unpredictable cats always make people wonder why they could find excitement from weird things or focus on doing something uncommon. One of those is staring at walls. Have you ever question why your cats keep staring at walls for insanely long time? Actually, almost cats do and a lot of cat owners wonder about this phenomenon so you are not alone. Action of staring at something in certain time is reputable to felines and due to some reasons. It may be just their symptom of neurological but possibly signal for health issues.

They must be madly curious

Cats get fame for their curiosity and this manner express in different ways of behaviors, sometimes, they will detect things by touching or connect to them, on the other hand, they will observe (source)

Cats staring at wall for a long time without light changes is a way for them to understand an “object”. A simple dot on the wall will easily attract them, feline might observe them in patience and wait for any possible changes. If the object moves, they might go crazy, actually, it is how they find out bugs.

cat stare at wall

Cats can be attracted by micro tiny objects in the walls which people cannot recognize. Sophisticated eyes for distance and dark view enable felines to see micro which human vision find hard to see.. Consequently, if we try to notice after them, we may not see anything and question but by their special eyes, even a very tiny dust has enough attraction.

Shadows and reflection of shapes and designs printed on walls can raise cats’ intention, too. Because of their willing curiosity, they wonder everything out of their knowledge. The stranger shadows are, the more they will stay focus.

Cats can stay quiet and focused in unbelievable time without moves. Their caution is on high mode which tell them not to overdo anything if the undefined object has not made any differences.

Vision to spirit world

Staring at wall seems to that they might see ghosts or future story.To Egyptians, Cat symbols for supernatural. They are opponent of ghosts and devils and belong to royal family to stop bad lucks. In modern time, cats are still believe for ability of seeing ghosts. It is not prediction of scientific studies, but traditional belief in cats’ superpower might explain why cats can spend much of time on staring a plain space. They may see a soul and on the way connecting to it or they are using the wall as crystal ball for seeing spiritual affairs.

Felines do interior thinking while looking at wall. It is hard to convince people to believe in but scientific studies also concluded that felines possess different way of thinking in comparison to other pets (source). They work very well will brain work and behave differently with different factor. It is a part of them people haven’t comprehended. It seems like cats have their own thoughts with the walls and human cannot figure out.Actually, they stare at other flat and plain objects such as a sofa back or corner or side of cabinet. The space are commonly large enough for their vision and stable enough for their long stare. So staring at wall may be one of the ways their brain work.

Are they really ok?

Otherwise, it can be a symptom of head disease. In fact, not only cats do staring at wall, but dogs, too.

dog stare at wall

Head pressing against the wall looks like they are staring, and the surface for head press can be anything suitable for leaning in period of time. That head pressing is connect between forehead and wall under intense force for long time may alarm you of prosencephalon disease which is normally caused bay metabolic disorder or infection of nervous system. However, whatever reasons it could be for the action, you had better observe carefully if your cats do hilariously. Head pressing may result from headache and tumors or other series of unhealthy problems which only are diagnosed by vets.

There are list of head issues and illness expressed by head pressing, so people can get an idea of what are going wrong with your pet. Otherwise, your cats just stare at wall in a super close distance.


In summary, felines have lived with their instinct of curiosity and caution, and are known to be able to stay patiently and insanely long for detecting anything they have not understood about. Therefore, you don’t need to worry so bad about "why does my cats stare at the wall". In facts, cat’s vision are much better than human so they can see objects and bugs at super tiny size which people are not able to. Cats are patient to discover everything and they could spend hours just to see what happen to objects they are studying so don’t worry too much. Moreover, cats are believed for power of communication with other world, so staring at wall may be one of their method. However, you should minus opportunity that your cat is in trouble of health. Staring at war or head pressing may be a signal of trauma or disease. Among reasons you will know for cats weird behaviors, all pet owner should be careful and considerate.

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