Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall?

Have you ever seen your cat stare at the wall for a very long time? It just stands still and looks at the blank wall for a long time like it's been hypnotized.

This may seem like a strange behavior, but it's actually a common one among cats. Many owners have noticed their feline staring at the wall at one time or another.

There are some reasons that can explain this cat behavior. Keep reading to find out some of them.

1. Cats Have Strong Eye Vision

Cats have an acute and strong sense of vision, which allows them to see things that are small or far away in the distance.

If they are staring at the wall they could be looking at a small bug or dust particles that have been reflected by the sun. We might think that they are looking at nothing, but actually there could be very small things in front of them, that they are focusing on.

Another interesting fact found by a study done by Live Science, is that cats may see in ultraviolet. This means that they may see objects that are invisible to humans.

cat staring at wall

2. Cats Have Strong Hearing Sense

Also, it's important to note that cats have superior hearing sense. This means that they can hear things that we don't.

You might thing that your house is quiet, but in fact your cat could be hearing and detecting things like rodents in your walls or attic.

In addition, they may be hearing creaks in your house or other low volume noises that we don't hear.

Their strong hearing ability, may also explain why they seem to be staring at nothing at times, they may very well be listening to something. 

3. Their Natural Hung And Prey Instinct

Cat owners shouldn't forget that their lovely feline has a hunt and prey instinct, from living and surviving in the wild. Even if they have lived indoors all their lives, this is an instinct they that they can't forget.

Their natural hunt and prey instinct, makes them stare at their prey for a long time, until they are ready to attack and catch it. This is something similar to them staring at walls, just like they are getting ready to attack their prey.

4. Cats Are Curious

A cat staring at wall for a long time without moving is a way for it to understand an “object”. A simple dot on the wall will easily attract them, they may observe it in patience and wait for any possible changes. If the object moves, they may even go crazy, and all of a sudden jump.

As we already mentioned above cats have a very strong eye vision. This makes them look at very small objects on the walls which humans can't see.

Shadows and reflection of shapes and designs printed on walls can raise a cat's intention, too. Because of their curiosity, they'll want to understand and will be trying to figure out things that are unknown to them. The stranger the shadows are, the more they will stay focused.

Cats can stay quiet and focused for a very long time without moving. Their caution is on high mode which tells them not to overdo anything if the undefined object has not moved either.

5. Can Cats See Ghosts?

Let's be honest, it does seem a little creepy seeing your cat stare at the wall in your quiet home. Some of us might ask "Is my cat looking at a ghost?" and "Is there a ghost in my home?".

However, we've already mentioned that cats have a strong eye vision and superior hearing sense. This is a way better explanation to their strange behavior.

Most people are skeptical in the existence of ghosts altogether and just because you see your cat stare at the wall doesn't mean there is a ghost there.

why do cats stare at nothing

Your cat may actually be thinking and trying to figure out something while looking at a wall. Scientific studies have also concluded that a cat possesses different way of thinking in comparison to other pets (source).

Also, a cat can stare at other flat and plain objects such as a sofa back or corner or side of cabinet. These spaces are large enough for their vision and stable enough for their long stare. So staring at a wall may be one of the ways they process information and are trying to figure out something.

Cat Head Pressing Against The Wall

If you see your cat pressing their head against a wall or another hard object this could be a serious cause for concern. This could signal that there is a problem with their brain or nervous system.

Here is a list of some health problems that can cause your cat to press its head against the wall:

  • Infectious diseases, such as rabies or fungal and parasitic infections
  • Brain tumors
  • Toxic poisoning
  • Metabolic disorders

Take time to observe your cat's behavior for some time and take not of other strange behavior you notice. Here is a list of other symbols that you should look for in order to find out if your cat has a health problem:

  • Your cat meows or howls loudly
  • Circles and/or paces compulsively
  • Seems disoriented
  • Has seizures (CBD oil has shown to alleviate seizures in cats)
  • Pupils are enlarged

If you notice these symptoms in your cat's behavior it might be best to take them to a vet for a check up, in order to know for sure.

A vet will be able to determine if something is wrong, or if there is no cause of alarm, and your cat may just be going through some stressful times.

Cat Facing The Wall

If you see your cat facing the wall, and resting or napping, this might seem strange, but actually it's quite normal and common. Your feline might have just founded a good spot to sit and lay on, and might just happen that it will face the wall. 

They can spend a long time there just resting in piece and quiet, away from all the noise and commotion at home. 

Keep Your Cat Active and Healthy

We should never forget that cat play is very important for their physical and mental health. Your kitty, adult or senior cat should spend enough time every day playing with it's toys. It shouldn't feel bored otherwise it may suffer from depression.

We've already covered some of the best cat toys you can get. From our list you'll be able to find something suitable for your kitty or feline. Also, most of the toys won't cost you much, but will entertain and keep your cats busy and playing regularly.

Some cat toys you can get include: tower with rolling bowls, cotton mice or balls, puzzles, laser pointers and others. You can just take out the toy or leave it in the living room and your cat will soon come and start playing by itself. You can be away from home, and know that your cat is playing and exercising while you are away.

Also, don't forget to keep your cat hydrated if you see them being too active and playful during the day. One way to encourage your cat from drinking more water is by getting them a water fountain.

Cat Staring At Wall - Should You Be Worried?

Next time you see your cat staring at the wall or nothing, don't panic! They might just be seeing or hearing things that we humans can't. As we mentioned already, a cat’s vision is much better than human's so they can see objects and even bugs at super tiny size which people can't.

Cats are patient and curious to discover things that are new to them and they could spend hours just to see what happen to a tiny object they have been studying.

However, head pressing in cats could be a signal of trauma or disease. So you should monitor and observe your cat. If you see that they exhibit other signs and symptoms you should take them to a vet for a check up.

If you know that your cat is healthy, don't forget to get them lots of toys so they can keep themselves entertained and playing during the day. This may decrease the amount of time they are staring at walls and other blank spaces.

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