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At first, it might take you by surprise to hear the cat’s have seizures – dogs overwhelmingly experience them much more frequently which is due to their genetic history – which most likely stems from the extreme inbreeding that was done to create different breeds. However, epilepsy is found in all cat breeds, and you should be aware of the warning signs and what you can do if your kitty is experiences a seizure.


A number of factors could lead to a seizure. You’ll want to be on the lookout for them if your cat has any of the following conditions:

  • Liver disease

  • Kidney disease

  • Abnormal blood oxygen and glucose levels

  • Brain tumors

Brain damage is the leading cause of seizures in cats, even when your cat no longer suffers from any other issue related to the incident. When a cat experiences a seizure, it is most likely unrelated to epilepsy (occurs randomly with no apparent cause/hereditary).

Warning Signs and In the Moment

Sometimes a cat will show warning signs that a seizure is about to happen, so be on the lookout for crying, vomiting, pacing, and dissociation.

When a seizure occurs, your cat will collapse to the ground and start convulsing. It’s important to remember not to panic – the seizure will be over in a few minutes and your cat will be unconscious, unaware, and not feel any pain. In some cases, your cat may empty their bowels and this is normal. It’s difficult to watch your pet when they are in the middle of a seizure, I know – for 10 years I watched our family dog deal with epilepsy, but it really just sucks but it does get easier.

You will only want to move your cat if they are in an environment that they could get hurt, i.e. a table, a window sill, etc. As well, be careful with sticking your fingers in their mouth as they cannot control their bite force.

When your cat comes out of the seizure, expect them to be disoriented and confused – give them room and let them naturally come back cognitively.

For a single episode that lasts a couple of minutes, you will not need to rush your cat to the vet – simply call and make an appointment.

If the seizures are happening in clusters or if an individual episode goes on longer than a few minutes, immediately call your veterinarian.


For nailing down the best treatment for your cat, you will want to make sure you gather all information that could have potentially led to the seizure – this along with blood and urine tests will lead to the proper diagnosis (additional tests are sometimes required).

Phenobarbital is the first line of defense in treating recurring seizures – side effects can occur, so it’s best to keep doses low if possible. When doses are low it is an excellent and proven anticonvulsant. If liver issue or the phenobarb was unsuccessful, your cat will most likely receive potassium bromide instead.

If your cat has a seizure, there is a good chance that they won't be put on anything at all. This is because of worries about the liver damage that pharmaceutical anticonvulsant can cause. A cat that has a seizure every three months might not even be put on anything because the drugs cause more harm than the seizures.

Because of this more people have been looking at CBD oil for preventing seizures. If you’ve heard about it lately, that’s probably because a lot of pet owners are giving it for different health issues, especially seizures. There exist forms of epilepsy in humans that are currently untreatable by pharmaceuticals on the market. CBD rose to popularity because it’s the only known treatment for those forms of epilepsy such Dravet syndrome.

CBD is an anticonvulsant that doesn’t look anything like the others – which is easy, because of the way testing works, all pharmaceutical anticonvulsants look and act fairly the same. Hence why they all fail at treating certain forms of epilepsy while CBD doesn’t.

Giving Your Cat Seizure Meds

All seizure medication will be giving orally. For pharmaceuticals you can hide the pills in their food or stick it in a treat. For CBD oil you can purchase it in pill, a doppler application, or even find CBD cat treats to make it really easy.

It’s incredibly difficult to watch your furbaby go through a seizures, but now you’re equip the information you need to handle one if it does unfortunately happen. More information about cat feeder here

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