5 Best Cat Foods for Sensitive Stomach Vomiting

All cat owners love their furry balls, and try to provide them with the best possible care. This means selecting the best cat food, taking care of their litter, playing with them and spending quality time with them. 

However, when your cat experiences stomach problems, and vomits after eating, this can cause concern for many cat owners. 

Vomiting makes your cat feel less hungry, lose water, and become tired. If this happens for a long period of time, is could even affect its health.

It’s true to say that diet is the biggest factor that affects a cat's health condition. That’s why we need to choose the best food for cats with sensitive stomach, prone to vomiting.

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach - Top 5 Picks:

#1. Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Premium

Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food

Editor's Rating: 4.9/5 Overall Score

The product comes with 4 size selections, 3.5 lb, 7 lb, 16 lb, and 22 lb bag. Real turkey is the first and main ingredient. There is 36 g protein per 100g, this bag of cat food can support strong muscles while giving your cat a healthy diet.

The provided vitamins also act as an important source of nutrition which can promote whole body health. The easily digestible formula is also complete and balanced for supporting their immune system.

But like other types of dry food, don’t over feed your cat if you don’t want to make its stomach to work too hard. Adding some water and milk in his/her bowl might help.

We have a 12-year-old cat who often throws up on the house, usually right after feedings. It’s a bother but since he’s really old, I thought me and my husband just have to live with it. Then my friend told me about this product and the throwing up is starting to disappear.

But then he got another problem it’s constipation because of the high-protein and grain diet. So we changed his diet by reducing the amount of dry food and adding some veggies to the meal. And the method still works well until now.


  • High protein to help support muscle
  • Contains essential vitamins for best nutrition
  • Unique formula for strengthening the immune system


  • May cause constipation due to the lack of veggies ingredients

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#2. Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

This Hill's Science cat food is specifically developed to provide optimal digestive health. It uses prebiotic fiber, which fuels your cat's beneficial gut bacterial.

All the ingredients are easy to digest, so your feline's stomach can process all the nutrients quickly.

Their formula also contains natural ingredients which are rich in vitamin E and omega 6s which help grow a healthy skin and fur coat. The chicken and rice formula has a great taste that many cats love.


  • Has prebiotic fiber, for digestive health
  • Highly digestible formula
  • Not artificially preserved, no syntetic colors, no artificial flavors


  • Contains grains

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#3. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach Wet Cat Food, FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach
4.6 star

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

If you prefer feeding your cat wet food, and you're looking for one that's suitable for a sensitive stomach, the Purina Pro Plan Focus is a very good option to consider. It's cat food high in protein, and has real fish in every serving. If your cat loves fish, they'll find this Arctic char and ocean whitefish flavor very tasty.

The food is easily digestible, so it will be gentle on your cat's sensitive stomach. It's also grain free, without any wheat or soy, and there are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Their formula includes linoleic acid, which helps promote healthy skin and coat.


  • Easy to digest cat food
  • Grain free, without any wheat or soy
  • Has essential vitamins 


  • Limited flavor options

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#4. Halo Natural Dry Cat Food Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

The company Halo is known for having holistic, whole and humane approach to producing cat food. They have a seafood recipe, which is made from whole whitefish and salmon, which are sustainable sourced and wild caught.

Inside the recipe, they have added refined whole grains and non-GMO vegetables which support easy digestion. They also have fatty acids, and vitamin E to support healthy skin and shiny coat. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used during the preparation process.


  • Support easy digestion
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Has essential vitamins and minerals


  • Limited choice of flavors

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#5. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

Editor's Rating: 4.4/5 Overall Score

This is another very good, cheap wet canned food made especially for cats with a sensitive stomach or for cats with food allergy. It's made with limited ingredients, there is 1 protein and 1 vegetable found inside.

You can choose between 4 flavors: turkey, duck, rabbit or salmon.  The turkey recipe is made from real cage free turkey, which contain lots of animal protein for strong muscles. Their recipes don't contain any grains, dairy, eggs, corn, wheat, soy artificial colors or preservatives.


  • Grain free, for cats with sensitivities
  • Made with cage free turkey
  • No artificial colors or preservatives


  • Expensive compared to other options on this list

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How to Pick The Best Food For Cats With Sensitive Stomachs?

If your cat has a sensitive tummy, and usually trows up or feels pain after each meal, it's time to switch their food. You need to pay careful attention to the ingredients that it's made of.

Cheap cat food is often made from rendered protein which contains slaughterhouse leftover – pig ear and nose, bird feather and beak, animal skin, and likewise. This protein is hard to digest even for a human. 

There shouldn't be any artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives inside. Also, look for grain free recipes. Although carbohydrates are not necessarily bad for cats, they aren't part of a cat's natural diet. 

Having grains, corn, or other carbohydrates may cause irritation to your cat's tummies. So you can avoid them altogether. 

You should be able to find a wide variety of flavors, such as chicken, salmon, turkey, so even if you have a picky eater, you should be able to find a flavor that they like.

best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting

Other tips to help your cat not throw up after eating

Sometimes, choosing the right diet is not the most important thing to do with your cat vomiting condition. It could also happen if your cat lays or sleeps for long periods of time during the day. 

What she needs is some sunlight, running and rolling on the grass. By making its body work, your cat will become healthier and eat more. Consider getting a cat tree, where your feline can freely jump and exercise several times a day.

Best cat food for older cats that vomit

Older cats require a slightly different diet. Although the above products shared are for adults, number 5 on the list, Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe, is suitable for cats of all life stages, kittens, adult and senior.  

If your older cat is suffering for dental problems, you may need to feed them softer food. Check out our detailed article on soft foods for cats with bad teeth.

Wet vs. dry cat food for sensitive stomach

Since there is no water in dry foods, your cat will need some water to digest it. And if there is no additional water, your feline will become weak and don’t feel like running and jumping anymore. 

Not consuming enough water, can also cause dehydration or heart disease. And since dry food has little veggie ingredients, constipation is likely to happen.

This is why many cat owners prefer to feed them with wet canned food. Our number 3 and 5 recommendation on this list, are great options since they are easy to digest and have ingredients what won't upset their stomach.

I always encourage my friends to feed their cats with home-made food. Fish, duck, or chicken is the main ingredient, also add-in grains and veggies for better digestion.

Bottom line

If your cat has a sensitive stomach, and has a hard time digesting certain foods, this can cause them to vomit. Over time your feline will most likely lose weight, and will have less energy. That's why it's important to select the right food that they can digest easily. Our number one choice is the Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food, which is made from real meat, and contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Be sure to check out all five products on this list, and read their reviews so you can select the right one for your feline.

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Angel - March 17, 2020

Thank you for these recommended products, which one is your most used for your kittens/cat? Honestly, I don’t give any food like these to my cats, but in fairness to them they are not picky except for my canines they are too picky. I want to try these to see if they like it. I will write soon about the result, thank you.


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