Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?

 Have you ever found yourself eating peanut butter at home, and then saw your cat coming over and wanting to try it? This can happen since some cats are attracted and show interest in peanut butter.

However, many of us wonder: Can cats eat peanut butter? And, is it safe for them? Before you give any to your feline, make sure you read the article below. The answer may surprise you!

Can Cats Have Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is made of peanuts, which are usually roasted, and then grounded and processed into paste. However, some manufacturers also add sugar, vegetable oils and even trans fats, to improve the taste. ​

You'll find that peanut butter contains mostly: carbohydrates, plant protein, and fat. Even humans should not be eating too much of it, since it can cause various health problems, such as hearth disease. 

No Nutritional Value

Cats are carnivores by nature, and their diet should consist mainly of meat and fish. There is absolutely no nutritional value for cats if they eat peanut butter, since this is a plant and it doesn't contain the vitamins and minerals that they need.

Chocking Hazard

Since peanut butter has a very tick and sticky texture, this can be a serious chocking hazard, since they'll have a hard time swallowing it. Never give a spoonful or a large amount and leave your feline alone with it.

If you want to give it as a treat, make sure you give one or two licks. Also, make sure you have fresh water close by so they can have a drink and wash down the peanut butter if they have a hard time swallowing it. 

Stomach Upset

Some felines will have a hard time digesting peanut butter, and in the end can have gastrointestinal upset. This will result in them having diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains. In the end, it's just not worth giving this treat to your lovely pet, because it may cause them discomfort and pain. 

High Calorie Food

Peanut butter is known to be a high calorie food and also has trans fatty acids. The digestive system of cats is not made to break up high amounts of fats in their bodies.

If you have a skinny feline at home, you might be tempted to give them peanut butter. However, you should instead feed them with cat food that helps them gain weight. There are many brands that manufacture specially formulated food, that has higher amounts of protein and so they can gain weight over time. 

Whether you have a kitten, adult or senior cat at home, you should be feeding them with cat food only. Check out our article on the best cat foods, for a healthy feline.

can cats eat peanut butter

Are Cats Allergic To Peanut Butter?

It is possible for felines to have an allergic reaction after they have tasted peanut butter. Some felines are born allergic to certain foods, while others develop an allergy over time. 

Here are the most common signs of a cat having an allergic reaction: itching, skin irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, hair loss and others. If you notice any of these symptoms with your cat, you must take them to the vet for a check up so they can be quickly treated.  

Is Peanut Butter Safe For Cats And How Much Can They Consume?

There are several negative effects that peanut butter can have to felines. We already discussed diarrhea, vomiting, and suffering from an allergic reaction. Keeping this in mind, cat owners should really avoid giving any.

We may find it hard to say no to our furry friends, but it's best for their health to keep this food away from them. If you really can't resist, one or two licks should be fine, but make sure you keep a close eye on your pet to see that it's OK afterwards. 

When is it OK for Cats to Eat Peanut Butter?

There is one exception when it's OK to give a little bit of peanut butter to your feline. The only time you can do so, if you have to give them medication.

You can cover the pill in a little bit of peanut butter, so they can swallow it. Just make sure that you have a bowl of water close by, so they can drink some to clear their throat and wash it down. If your feline doesn't like drinking water, you should consider getting them a cat water fountain

Is Peanut Butter Good And Healthy For My Cat?

Some people believe that vitamins in peanut butter work for cats. Some studies have been made in labs to conclude that Vitamin H or Biotin which are rich in peanut butter are able to enhance cat skin, fur and nails, and keep cat’s coat smooth and strong.

Vitamin A also is also known for strengthening a cat's immune system. Vitamin E, in combination with other minerals found in peanut butter can decrease the risk of heart disease in cats. However, keep in mind that there are no scientific studies made that show the real effects on cats from feeding them peanut butter. 

is peanut butter safe for cats

Is Peanut Butter Toxic to Cats?

Peanut butter is not toxic to cats and it is not found in ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) list of human foods that are toxic to cats. ASPCA has made a very good job of listing the different human foods that can poison your pet, so make sure you refer to it if you have any doubts in the future.

Although peanut butter is not mentioned on the list of toxic foods, there is no real valuable ingredients found inside for your feline.

Keep in mind that some commercial brands many have added xylitol, as an ingredient. Xylitol is known as "sugar alcohol", and tastes and looks like sugar. However products that contain xylitol should never be fed to pets, since they can cause serous health conditions, such as hypoglycemia, liver failure, and even death.

Conclusion: Can Cats Have Peanut Butter?

Some cats really like peanut butter and show interest in it if they see you eating a peanut butter sandwich, for example. You might be tempted to offer them some, however it's not advisable to do so. Although peanut butter is not toxic, it contains high amounts of carbohydrates, sugar and fats, which felines have trouble digesting. This can result in them having diarrhea, vomiting, and other health issues. In the end, it's just not worth giving them peanut butter as a treat. 

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