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Bird-Proof Cat Feeders: Ensuring Your Feline’s Food Isn’t Prey

The struggle to keep birds away from cat food is a common challenge for many cat owners. Whether you’re an urban dweller dealing with particularly audacious city pigeons or a suburban or rural resident battling clever crows or even songbirds, you’ve probably encountered this unique dilemma. Not only does this cat-and-bird interplay result in wasted […]

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Maximize Feline Health with a Cat Feeder with Collar Microchip

The rapidly evolving world of pet care technology brings innovative solutions to everyday challenges that enthusiasts, hobbyists or regular cat owners encounter. One extraordinary piece of tech is the microchip cat feeder which offers a plethora of benefits. It not only revolutionizes how cats are fed but also takes their dietary management to a whole […]

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Raccoon and Possum-Proof Your Cat Feeder: A How-To Guide

Animals such as raccoons and possums are renowned scavengers, oftentimes getting into our pet’s food, disrupting the peace, and causing discomfort. Understanding these animals’ behavioral patterns, feeding habits, physical abilities, and the ways to discourage them from our pets’ food is key to developing an effective solution. This write-up walks you through the process of […]

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Top Dog-Proof Cat Feeders: Your Ultimate Guide

For those who share their home with both canine and feline companions, ensuring all pets are well-fed yet not encroaching on each other’s meals can pose a challenge. Dogs, out of curiosity or irresistible enticement, often end up munching on cat food which is neither healthy for them nor fair to the cats. To circumvent […]

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Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

In a world, where everyone is in a hurry and busy with work and running errands, pets are often forgotten. Unfortunately, because of our busy schedules, we spend less time at home, and sometimes our cat can suffer because of this. One of the biggest problems, is when it comes time to feed them. If […]

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