Automatic Cat Feeder CSF-3 Super Feeder Review

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Every cat owner loves to feed his/her gorgeous fluffy cat(s) but often thinks about the meals of their cat(s) when they are away. I’ve seen many pet owners worry about their pet cat while they are away for work. They are often concerned about their daily care, activities and above all their food and diet schedule.

What if you weren’t able to come back home on time to feed your cat? Will it stay hungry for the rest of the evening? It might look around in the kitchen turning the place into a complete mess and yet find nothing at all to eat.

For such critical times, different pet brands have launched their automatic cat feeders. Super feeder CSF-3 is one of such cat feeders which will carry away all your worries regarding your cat’s diet.

Finest features of the CSF-3 cat super feeder:

Automatic Cat Feeder, CSF-3 Super Feeder
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

Automatic Cat Feeder, CSF-3 Super Feeder

The brand manufacturers claim that you can take home this product and be hundred percent confident amount your cat’s timely diet. The super feeder is perfect for those who are away for half of the day from their homes. By using the digital timer and customizing the settings of the feeder for the next several days, you can ensure that your cat gets proper portions of meal several times a day. This device is also capable of feeding up to two small cats (obviously you’ll have to set it for this function but it’s very easy to do so).

The device uses the roller and baffle system to make sure that the food is pushed out onto the tray for the cat on the decided timings. It does not stick to the machine or damage the gear drive, unlike the other feeders which use the screw system to push the food out.

Product description:

Some of the mind-blowing and helpful features of the cat feeder are as follows:

  • It comes with an advanced digital timer, perfect for the setting of meal timings
  • Can feed from one cup to multiple cup kibbles
  • Set for 8 meals per day but you can change the settings
  • Internal electronic timer with micro adjustment controller is installed within the device
  • Gives in-between-the-meal snack portions to hungry, chubby cats
  • Can be controlled using the web or home monitoring system
  • You can increase the food holding capacity by adding a separate 1.5-gallon holder
  • Serves dry food to the cat
  • Protected via tough polycarbonate chute cover
  • Battery backup is offered so that the settings aren’t lost even if the electrical supply goes off
  • Mainly for the indoor use
  • 1-year warranty of the feeder


The dimensions of this product are 11 x 10 x 15 inches and the device alone weighs 5 pounds.

Pros and cons of the finest feeder in the market:


  • You can easily control the frequency, amount and the length of the feeding
  • Customize the settings for several days or for the whole week, it’s your choice.
  • Easy to use device
  • Comes with a dishwasher-safe bowl
  • Mountable device
  • It is made up of fine quality material
  • You can use it with the home automation system or any web application
  • Comes with a chute cover
  • Not easily damaged by the cats
  • Can feed up to two cats at a time
  • You also get the chance to use your cat’s favorite bowl


  • Requires a screwdriver to set and assemble the device properly
  • Comparatively expensive than other feeders but highly suitable for busy pet owners

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Tips and tricks to make sure you are using the feeder to its fullest capacity:

I have mentioned some of the tricks below to make sure you use this, a-bit-expensive but highly functional cat feeder to its maximum capacity. The tricks are as follows:

    • It requires only the use of a screwdriver to set the whole device. Make sure you have it beforehand.
    • The device is made for indoor use. Keeping it at a sunny outdoor place would only damage your product.
    • Make sure you have secured the cable well. The mischievous cats often step over it accidently.

Overall rating of the automatic cat feeder:

This cat feeder like other cat feeders performs the job of feeding the cat on the exactly mentioned timings flawlessly - you can even get a wet cat food dispenser. The timely feeding along with the snack-time feeding, protective chute cover and the ability to feed two cats at a time makes it one of the highly recommended products for a cat owner.

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