How To Keep Your Cat Healthy? 4 Simple Tips!

It's every owner’s responsibility to take care of their cat on a daily basis and provide them with a healthy and safe environment at home. The most important decision you have to make is what food you should feed them. 

Selecting the best cat food, will ensure that your feline is healthy and has a strong immune system. In addition to this, the right food will provide them with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to have an active life and build strong lean muscles. 

How To Keep Your Cat Healthy

There are four things you should pay special attention to, in order to have your cat or kitten grow healthy and strong:

1. Foundation Of Your Cat Is Food:

Cats need to eat several times a day and their diet is quite important to their overall well being. Just like us they need proper food. 

Some cats may have allergy to certain ingredients, or may have a sensitive stomach. This means that you need to find foods with limited ingredients, no or very little carbohydrates, in order not to upset their stomach. 

Dry vs. Wet Cat Food - Which is Healthier? 

This is a question that has been asked for a long time. The overall recommendation is that you should feed your cat with wet food. Since normally it is more nutritious and there is already water inside, so there is no risk of your cat being dehydrated. 

However, many cat owners still prefer dry kibbles. Mainly because this type of food is less expensive, and it's easier to serve. Also, it won't go bad fast and the bag can stay open for few days or weeks. 

Don't let these reasons stop you from serving wet canned food. We've already covered which are the best and most affordable wet cat foods on the market, so you're sure to a brand that's within your budget and their flavor preference. 

When it comes to serving wet cat food, it's best to get a refrigerated cat automatic feeder, which has ice packs integrated inside, to keep the food cool for a few hours. 

Ingredients in Cat Food

You must learn how to read labels on your cat food so you can select a healthy food for your pet. Check the label properly, and see how much protein is inside, what vitamins and minerals are contained. 

Avoid ingredients such as: artificial flavors, colorings, meal by products, etc. Also, check how much carbohydrates are found inside. Some brands produce grain-free foods, which don't contain any wheat, corn, or soy. 

You may find good ingredients of those companies that produce natural and organic foods.

The thing that is important for your cat’s health is to know that which type of food they must have either dry or wet. It is easier to have dry food for your cats but you may find few cats who also need wet foods to get healthy.

You must give your cat both dry and wet foods that will help them to stay healthy and fit. Water is also a main requirement for your cat. Wet cat foods must be given to those cats facing urinary problems.

tips to keeping cat healthy

2. Water as a basic need:

You must give water to your cats every day, so they can stay hydrated and healthy. If your cat has faced urinary or kidney problems before, this is the best way to keep your cat hydrated.

You must keep water in a bowl for your cat. There are many cats who love to drink water in different places in their home, so it's a good idea to have a few bows of water in several locations in your home, not just next to their food bowl. 

You can also invest in a water fountain, which encourage your feline to drink more water more often. There is a wide variety on the market with different features, so check out our article on the best water fountains

3. Exercise for cats:

You must let your cat perform exercise daily as you do so that your cat can stay healthy and active. They also need to perform exercise so they can be stimulated mentally as well as physically. If exercise not performed then they may get bored. 

There is a wide variety of interactive play toys, which will keep your feline running and entertained for while. My favorite suggestion is to get them a cat tree. They'll spend hours running and jumping on it, as well as playing with the dangling toys and balls.

Another reason why you should consider getting a cat tree, is because it has scratching posts. This means that your feline can use it to scratch and sharpen their nails there, instead of using and destroying your couch or curtains, for example. 

4. Removing And Cleaning Cat Hair:

It is important to remove pet hair from your home. This is because pet hair may contain small germs that may harm your cat and also bacteria that may also affect human health. 

The diseases human can face includes allergies to the skin, asthma and several other respiratory issues.

You'll notice that cat hair is found most commonly on your carpet, on your couch, any other upholstery furniture, and if you own a cat tree, it also needs regular cleaning.

The best way to remove cat hairs and scattered litter is by using a vacuum. There are many vacuums with strong suction power, which can clean pet hair in your home without any problems. 

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Ywain Wiliams - June 14, 2017

It’s a basic thing. Of course we have to take good care of our little fur balls. Giving them healthy, nutritious food, exercising, etc. ensures their health. Adding some cat health products to their lifestyle can ensure their well-being. Keep your cat healthy and happy always.


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