Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Umbrella

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Cats are the best pets you can keep around your house. Unlike dogs, cats can survive without regular excising. Moreover, they are independent and not very noisy. You will enjoy moving around with them anywhere you go. However, this is not the case all the time.

Did you know that too much sun could hurt you cats' hearing abilities? Nevertheless, cats can become fatally ill when left in the cold rain. Does this stop you from carrying your favorite pet around? All you have to do is to get your cat an umbrella. This is the simplest way to safeguard your cat from extreme weather and still look so cool.

Unlike in humans, choosing an umbrella for cats can be very difficult. Cats are very playful animals. Moreover, they are very aggressive towards one another. Some people are even allergic to cat hairs. Therefore, buying a cat umbrella should not just be going to the stores and picking one. You need an umbrella that is convenient for you and your cat. These are the aspects to consider when acquiring an umbrella.


Cats naturally like to leap, climb, and perch on to materials they find around them. Most importantly, they tend to scratch a hook their claws into any surface they find around them. Choosing an umbrella with scratch resistant features will make your umbrella stay attractive. You should consider materials such as fiberglass.

Besides, you should choose an umbrella whose cover fabric is dense and does not wear out easily. Cats are always disinterested to insert their claws into such fibers. Nylon and polyester would make a good choice in this case. This will provide a win-win situation for you and your cat. Your cat gets to play and scratch while your umbrella stays undestroyed.


The features of any tool can either it or break it. A good umbrella should have features that allow your cat to live at large. However, this should not occur at the expense of the umbrellas well-being. Firstly, an umbrella should come with handles and ribs that allow the cat to play and perch. Your cat might want to perch, for instance when avoiding rainwater. The umbrella ribs should, therefore, be designed to accommodate your cat comfortably.

Did you know that using distractive measures could save your umbrella from scratches and wear? A good umbrella should offer your cat distractive features to play with in order to save your umbrella. In addition, you should look for features that increase the functionality of your umbrella. For example, an auto open/close feature would help you open and close your umbrella so easily.


However, cats are very good pets, they also have their dark sides. Can you imagine having to cope with vomit, urine or even feces from cats? Moreover, cats also shed their fur when they come into contact with other things. You could actually be very allergic to such fur and end up sneezing a whole day. Your umbrella might develop stains that are very difficult to remove. Nevertheless, your umbrella will end up stinking and even unbearable to carry around.

Consequently, you will need a cat umbrella that is made of stain and spill resistant materials. This will render them easy to clean, as they do not absorb the animal refuse. However, you should clean such material as quickly as possible. Your cat, therefore, is easy to handle even for allergic people in your absence.


A cat is a very active animal. You will not like when your cat is bored and dull. They look miserable and over groom, which could actually affect their skin. However, would you persevere the extremely hot sun and cold rains just to entertain your cat? With a good cat umbrella, you do not have to go through all that.

A creative artwork on your umbrella is all you need. Such arts will prompt your cat to play around with or mimic the other cats. Consequently, your cat remains active, which is all you could wish for it all the time. Nevertheless, an attractive umbrella will be impressive to your eye and will not mind showing it off.

Strength and size

Cats come in different sizes. Acquiring a small umbrella for a kitten would prove convenient to you. However, you would need bigger and larger umbrellas for larger cats. They are very playful and would need some playing area. The size of your cat should, therefore, guide you into choosing the strongest and most powerful umbrella for it.

When you go to a store, you will hear of terms such as arcs. This would simply imply the size of the umbrella cover measured in inches. A long, domed canopy large umbrella would make the best choice for cats. Moreover, large umbrellas are always very sturdy and stable. Cats will not rush into your room to tell you that their umbrella has been knocked off. You also do not want to keep watching your back all the time for strong winds. You need a large steady umbrella that you can count on in such situations.

Final verdict

Just as it is in humans, cats deserve umbrella to protect themselves from extreme weather. They require an umbrella that protects them from the extreme weather while allowing room for play. It is essential that you consider the material your umbrella is made from. Moreover, you should consider the hygiene, design and the artwork on your umbrella. The strength and size of your umbrella will also matter in the end.

Besides the cat, you should consider yourself and the people who will help you handle the cat. It is important to keep away the umbrella from people allergic to cat fur. You should also be able to handle the excreta from the cat without necessarily inconveniencing anyone.

So next time you think of buying an umbrella, do not forget your cat .your cat deserves to look classy and not like just another cat across the street. Now that you know what to look for, what are you waiting for?

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