Cat Umbrellas – Perfect for Cat Lovers!

Many cat owners simply love their furry little friend. Most of us have photos of them hanging on the walls, or coffee mugs with their picture.

Getting an umbrella with a cat's image is also a great idea if you love these furry little creatures. This makes a great gift for a loved one, or for yourself. 

Before you buy a cat umbrella, see our tips on how to choose the best one and some beautiful products you can find online. 

Top 5 Best Cat Umbrellas 

1. San Francisco Umbrella Co, Black/White Cat Umbrella

San Francisco Umbrella Co, Black White Cat Umbrella

Editor's Rating: 4.8/5 Overall Score

This is a beautiful and stylish umbrella, which features a very cute white cat printed on a black canopy. Perfect gift for pet lovers. It has the ideal size for both women or men, as well as couples.

This is a high quality product, made with strong plastic handle, 8 fibrerglass ribs, pongee polyester canopy. It's windproof and waterproof, and should last for many years.

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2. INTERESTPRINT Seamless Cats and Butterfly Umbrella

INTERESTPRINT Seamless Cats and Butterfly Umbrella

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5 Overall Score

Another compact, portable and very strong option to consider. It shows cats, kittens and butterflies on a white background.

It's windproof, has UV protection, and is made from 100% polyester pongee waterproof fabric. It's lightweight, weighting only 0.9 lbs, so you can carry it anywhere with you.

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3. Wamika Cute Kitty Cats Umbrella Automatic Open Close

Wamika Cute Kitty Cats Umbrella Automatic Open Close
4.6 star

Editor's Rating: 4.6/5 Overall Score

This umbrella is very convenient because with one press of a button you can automatically open and close it. The canopy is black on top, while on the inside you'll see a cat artwork printed. 

It's made of superior polyester pongee waterproof fabric and reinforced windproof frame. It's portable and lightweight, so you can fit it in your purse, briefcase, backpack and more.

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4. OREZI Double Layer Inverted  Umbrella

OREZI Double Layer Inverted Black Cat Umbrella
4.5 star

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5 Overall Score

This is a very cool and innovative umbrella that has an inside-out design! On the outside it's completely black, while inside you can see a cat's face and it's beaming eyes. 

It has a high-quality stainless steel frame, and double layer canopy which is windproof and waterproof. It's larger in size and measures 43.3 inches in diameter.

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5. Ladies Compact Umbrella with Cats

Ladies Compact Cat Design Umbrella

Editor's Rating: 4.4/5 Overall Score

This is a compact handbag umbrella, that can easily fit into any purse or bag. It has an animal head shaped handle, which is cute and original. It has an original design, with small cats drawn on a purple/blue color background. Plus it comes at a great price!

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How to Choose a Cat Umbrella?


Umbrellas are the perfect accessories when there is rain or snow outside. They are usually made from fabrics such as: nylon, polyester, pongee and a few others. They have very good waterproof and UV protection capabilities.

Since cats like to scratch, climb and perch on different materials and items they find in the house, it's best to choose a material that is scratch resistant, tick and dense, so it won't wear out easily and won't get damaged by your pet. 

If by any chance your feline makes a stain on the umbrella (ex: vomit or urine stain), you should clean any cat urine or other stains as quickly as possible with the proper detergent.

Size and weight

Umbrellas come in different sizes, and when you want to determine how bit one is, you'll need to check the how long it is in diameter. If you have a large cat and you're planning on going for a walk together with your feline, you'll want to get a bigger size (around 40 inches).

Also, some can be folded away, which means they are easy to carry. You should also check how much they weight so you know if they are lightweight and portable. 

Should you take your cat out when it's raining?

cat umbrella

Cats can become fatally ill when left in the cold rain. That's why we should not let them go out when it's cold and raining.

You can however go out for a quick walk outside carrying your feline in one hand and an umbrella in the other. 

Bottom Line

When shopping for a cat umbrella, there are several things you should consider, such as: is it made with high quality materials, it's size, is it compact and lightweight? Once you've answered these questions, you can then look at its design and artwork. Our recommendation is the San Francisco Umbrella Co, Black/White Cat Umbrella, which is unisex, it's strong and durable and has a stylish and beautiful design. 

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