Can Cats Eat Dog Food? What You Should Know!

Some people have both cats and dogs as their pet animals at home and they may often make the mistake and feed dog foods to their cat or cat food to their dog, however this is not recommended and can be harmful if done for a long time.

This same rule applies to any other pets in your house, whether it be bird, fish or tortoise food, you need to make sure they always eat their own food and you never mix with other animals.

Cat's vs. Dog's Nutritional Requirements:

Cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements, especially when it comes to the amount of protein and taurine they need to consume.

Dogs can produce taurine, within their own body, and don't need to have it added in their food. While cats need taurine in their food and if they didn't get it they may face serious health problems like heart diseases.

Cats need vitamin A and need to have it their food, while dogs need beta carotene instead, which they can turn into vitamin A. Cats, also need arachidonic acid that is important for their diet. Fatty acid is necessary as well.

While on the other hand dogs do not need this fatty acid and it's not added in their food during the manufacturing process. There can be nutritional deficiencies in felines, if they keep eating dog food for a long period of time. 

can cats eat dog food

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

You should not panic if your cat eats a small amount of dogs food as their is no harm initially. The main problem that can occur is that your cat has their stomach upset and may vomit.

The dietary needs of cats are more stringent as compared to dogs. So you should be careful when it's time to feed them. 

You must feed your cat and dog in a separate room because if they eat together, they might exchange each other's food. By keeping them in different room they'll have access to their own meal only and will stay safe.

You must also keep human food away from cats, since it's not safe for them either. For example: chocolate, red grasped, fat trimmings and even mushrooms should never be given to your kitty. Also, dairy products must be avoided as well.

If you're on a tight budget you can still find healthy wet cat food for your feline, which won't cost you much but has all the necessary ingredients inside. 

Is it safe for cats to eat dog food?

If this has happened only a few times and in small quantity, then your cat will be fine. If it occurs for a long time, it can create several health problems, such as heart disease.

What happens if a cat eats dogs food?

You may see cats chewing down dogs food in their bowl. As the smell between both foods of cats and dogs resembles each other. Your cat won't die from consuming a small quantity but don't make this mistake. You should not mix both cats and dogs food because it can cause health issues can be dangerous for both of them.

Cats can actually go blind if they keep eating dogs food and along with blindness they may also face heart diseases which may shorten their lives. Cats who are pregnant can face miscarriage and other pregnancy issues.

Importance of taurine:

The taurine is seen in muscle meat, liver and also heart that is the main difference between both cats and dogs. For the cat foods that are sold commercially they add taurine supplements in all of them.

The amount of protein in cats is more compared to dogs. Cats need to prevent heart diseases that is the reason they take it commercially while on the other hand dogs make their own taurine from beta carotene.

Need of vitamin A for cats:

Cats require vitamin A that is important supplement for them. There is another vitamin called specific B complex, which is not required for dogs to have or have it added in their food.

The food manufacturing process is different for each animal. The health of your cat will be compromised if it keeps on eating dog's food. There may be some important nutrients that will be missed.

is dog food bad for cats

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Cats are generally carnivores animals. In order to stay healthy and have enough energy and have an active life, they need meat protein. While, on the other hand dogs can also consume fruits and vegetables in their diet. While it is difficult for cats to digest dogs food. The nutritional values are different for each animal.

Cat food contains many calories so if a dog has eaten it for a short or long term, they can get obese. In addition, they can suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and even pancreatitis. Keep in mind that kitten food, has even higher amount of protein inside, and is more dangerous to your dog.

You must keep both pets food separately and avoid mixing those foods when they are eating. Once your cat or dog has finished eating, take away their bowl quickly, so the other pet can't get their "paws" on it, and finish it off. 

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