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How Much is a Male Calico Cat Worth?

Calico cats in general or male calico cats in particular since they were found the first time have been well known for their beauty regardless of breeds or ages. With this stunning color and rare, male calico cats are hunted all over the world and traded in exorbitant price. In This Article What is calico […]

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Why do my cat bring dead bird and mice to me?

One of the worst nightmares for cat owners are when your adorable little kitten shows up with his mouth grabbing some dead bird or mice. In other cases, the bird or mice are not even dead yet. And I bet many of you, especially girls, have to yell at them to get these hideous creatures […]

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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumber

Recent time, Social media is going crazy about videos of cats being freaked out of cucumbers (source). Some people find them interesting and funny because of cats’ weird behavior, some people tried the funk with their own cats the shared with others, however, some put a question mark of why cats are afraid of cucumber […]

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Why do cat scratches itch

Known as one of animals that are both grooming and self-groomers but why cats scratch itches and accept possibility of messing their look. Everyone who raise cats has ever seen their pets deep in scratching themselves

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