How to put a cat to sleep temporarily

Cats are masters of falling sleep any time during the day and just about anywhere. People raising cats must have even seen them closing their eyes on their couch, under a table or chair, in your closet, or just about anywhere in your house or apartment. However, they are actually quite sensitive and have a hard time overcoming certain stressful situations. For example, if your cad has undergone medical treatment, or if you're planning on taking them on a car trip, then they will feel stressed and nervous and will have a hard time falling a sleep. 

So if you're wondering - how to put a cat to sleep temporarily? There are no easy methods to do this because of cats’ natural restlessness, nevertheless, we've outlined some tips which will help you in the process.

Why do we have to put cats on temporary sleep

Because cats are night hunters, like their family of tigers, they normally spend daytime sleeping and become active at dawn. However, some people would like to train their cats and have them sleeping in a coincident time and schedule close to theirs. Because of this they will try to adjust their pet's schedule.

A short nap will help them with their digestion. Usually cats enjoy consuming meals with large amount of animal-based protein, a short nap after mealtime will help them digest all the nutrients and ingredients slowly. Make sure you select the best food for your cat, so you're sure they are getting the best nutrition and a well balanced meal every time.

Temporary rest will support them in recovery of a medical procedure. Sometimes, felines under treatment will suffer side effects such as vomiting, headache or anxiety as a result of taking different medication. In this situation, a quick sleep will help them recover, reduce pain and mental disorder or simply avoid anxiety.

#1. RESCUE REMEDY PET Dropper – Natural Homeopathic Stress Relief Drops

RESCUE REMEDY PET Dropper, 10mL – Natural Homeopathic Stress Relief Drops for Pets

This is a natural homeopathic stress relief drops for pets, helping them overcome different stressful situations. It's made of 5 flower essences, it's pet-safe and alcohol free. You'll need to give 4 drops orally to your cat, and you can place the drops inside their water bowl or on a treat.

#2. VetriScience Laboratories Composure, Calming Chews for Cats

VetriScience Laboratories Composure, Calming Formula for Cats, Chews

These soft chews have a tasty flavor, and have a calming formula. They have naturally sourced ingredients, and the main ingredients are: colostrum, l-theatine and thiamine. Their formula is has been approved by a veterinary review board to ease nervousness in cats. The effect lasts up to 4 hours and can be given daily. It can be used for different situations: vet and grooming visits, car rides, noise aversion, and leaving cat home alone.

How to sedate a cat

Getting a cat to sleep is not an easy task. Cats have their own schedule for everything and it's hard to control and force them to do certain things. However, it is not an impossible task.

How to sedate a cat for travel

If you're planning on taking your cat for a trip by car or a plane for example, they might feel nervous and stressed during the whole trip. Giving them a calming spray or chewable treats with help make them feel calmer. Just make sure you follow the dosage instructions, so you're giving them the correct dose while you travel. 

How to sedate a cat for grooming

If your cat needs to have some grooming done or take a bath, you'll notice that they won't be standing still and won't like grooming at all. There are lots of chewable treats, that help pets just with this process. They'll feel more relaxed and calm, without having to fully sedate them.

How to sedate a cat naturally

When choosing a product to give to your pet that will safely sedate them, make sure you read the ingredients carefully and make sure they contain only natural ingredients. For example, the RESCUE REMEDY PET Dropper is a natural homeopathic stress relief drops for pets. If you're still not sure which product to choose you can consult with your vet.

How to put a cat to sleep at home

If you have tried all of the above tips, you might also want to consider tiring your cat out (source). Tiring them out will make them to burn energy quickly and feel sleepy very fast. People can play with them with or without toys, catnip products will be a good idea to stimulate them. Also, having a cat tree in your home will stimulate them to play and sleep there. However, some cats are not easy to please and can get bored quite fast. Kittens seems always more activate than seniors, therefore, it may takes more time to exhaust them.

how to put a cat to sleep at home

Other things to consider

Long-run solutions to create a new sleeping habit for your cat, it will need a more complicated plan. Because cats timetable is totally opposite to human. Consequently, people wanting their cats falling sleep temporary at certain time as schedule will take certain period of time for this adaptation to happen. Adjusting diet schedule at certain time and guiding them with signals of bedtime will take them weeks to realize and follow.

Sleeping pills are useful if cats are under treatment and none of the methods mentioned above are helping. All medicines need to be consulted and confirmed safe by vets according to your feline's health condition. Small amount and scientifically regular intake of sleeping pills will not harm your cats, even though it will make them tired or inactive. However, using sleeping pills needs careful consideration and research. If you want to create a new habit so that your family and cats can live in harmony, you should do so in moderation. There are a lot of natural and safe medicine products to calm you cats or alternatives such as calming collar or outlet diffusers.

Effects of temporary sleep

Temporary sleep at the right time will help cat health conditions improve. Fast nap is good for cats digestion, as explained, because their meal are full of calories and protein, so digesting them will take longer time. Moreover, cats get hungry all the time, hence, their eating habit will cause them obesity if they don’t spend enough time to play.

Other undeniable effects of sleeping is relaxation. Cats sleep for 16 hours a day at average, but they only are in deep sleep for about 5 minutes and easily wake up. Good sleep at short temporary time will help them to relax and gain energy for other activities.

how to sedate a cat

In conclusion, based on feline natural schedule, they are required to sleep 16 hours a day, mostly in nighttime and be most active at dawn and dust. For some reasons coming from owners of cats themselves, they need to take several nap during the day. Hence, above are some recommended methods for how to put a cat to sleep temporarily. In emergency, using sleeping pills or exhausting activities will work, however, if putting cats on quick sleep for purpose of changing their schedule, people must apply more changes in environment and in their diet. In general, suitable schedule of resting and playing is always good for cats, especially domestic felines, and short sleep will be actually supportive and beneficial for them. Nevertheless, if forcing a cat to sleep feels opposite to their natural instinct or normal schedule, people should consult a vet for best solutions and no side effects.

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