Why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

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It may sound like a silly question but this does happen sometimes. And most of us can’t explain why our kittens leave their land mines to scatter poop around the house. Don’t think the popping as the peeing, in which the cat use that method to declare its territory. Your cat may leave invisible urine marking but it’ll never use something as poop. In fact, cats often hide their poops very secretly. So if your cat suddenly poops outside of its box, there are two reasons. They don’t like the litter box or they’ve found somewhere better.

cat poop outside

About cat pooping

Cats have a habit of hiding their poops (in most cases, they bury them underground). So he/she should have love to laying wastes on their litter box, not outside. When this happens, you need to take a look at your litter box. And see whether it’s the litter or the box that causes your kitten to poop outside.

The litter

This could happen if the litter inside the box are running out and your kitten can’t find a place to lay its wastes. So what you need to do is add in the new litter and clean the box. Make sure you get rid of all the annoying smell that comes from the urine and poop.

cat litter

The box

In some case, the pooping thing could be the result of your cat don’t like the box. Maybe because the box is too small or your cat doesn't feel comfortable inside it. Whatever the reason is, you need to fix it right away. Maybe changing to a bigger litter box will help you. If that’s the case, click here to find out some of the best cat litter boxes.


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