Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Stop Petting Him

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People raise pets and like petting them while enjoying a cup of coffee or working on a lap. However, dislike dogs that accept not being petted at any time the owner want, cats will be tougher if you stop entertain them under their disagreement.

If you have ever asked anyone “why does my cat bite me when I top petting him”, you must be replied by very calm expression because this aggressive attitude is commonly found in any felines. Some cats stop at scratching, some will bite but these bites are not meant to attack and luckily, these unappropriated behaviors can be disciplined.

Why do they bite ?

The bite is understood as love bites which are given to people or something felines love to play with. When people do petting cats, they really love it if there are beloved people or familiar faces and enjoy being consoled. However, cats have a quite aggressive behavior of rewarding that is biting. Nevertheless, the bites is not what you are thinking of.

why does my cat bite me

Love biting is one of ways to help felines with showing of affection. The action of stop petting may wake them up from comfort and biting is their signal of petting you back. Their bites will not as sharp and hurt as chewing food, it might as soft as touch between people skin and cat teeth without meant harm. Moreover, cats might do it with other friends or toys while playing, not just petting.

However, there is another reason for love biting which is due to insufficient petting whiskers, it is truly a petting-induced aggressive behavior (source). Dogs have whiskers mainly around muzzle, meanwhile, whiskers in cats are everywhere on their bodies. Even for not-very-ticklish cats, they will not be happy if you stop petting their whiskers where you are unlucky to scratch on. Refer to any pets or even human, stop being petted their whiskers will be their most annoyance and cats, at that situation, might bite to remind you that your job should not have finished.

Actually, this action of aggressive remind will come along with some other weird attitudes to notify that they are not very ok of what you just did such as snorting, clawing or tapping. To learn about how cats communicate will help people to deal with their inappropriate behaviors and how to fix it.

How cats communicate differently from other pets? 

How does cat communicate with other cat

Cats, as other kind of Felidae family, are born with arrogance. While dogs will be obedient and attached with owners, cats are tougher. If you discipline a dog, firm attitude and loud speaking will work effectively. Meanwhile, you have to convince your queen cats by petting along with gradually changing habits. For example, if dogs love bite you, a shout will stop them doing so, repeating will prevent them doing the same thing forever. You have to do differently with felines, quiet refusal and silent ignorance will be effective to let them realize disapproval.

Cat waving tail normally express unpleasant which may differ cats from other animals. You may get used to dogs constant tail waving back and forth showing their happiness and welcoming. But that theory is not true for feline. Waving tail back and forth means they are not in comfort and you are doing wrong, oppositely, silence and half-closed eyes marks pleasant.

How to stop biting behavior 

As mentioned above to stop or reduce cat behavior of aggression. Base on their specific mind work and conduction, people need to be sophisticated and patient of convincing their pet cats.

This'll help stop your cat from bitting

You need to make cats comprehend and differentiate definition of “biting" and "timeout" (source). If your cats enjoy petting so much that biting you for it, you need tough discipline. You should complete petting them as wished and leave quietly. However, they will recover very soon after getting high and come back to affectionate you. This time, it is best time to make them understand that it is out of petting zone. Ignorance must be performed perfectly without eye contact, touching or light nose petting, one of them will make your therapy a joke.

If agression of biting come over border of love biting, you should ask for veterinary check. There is a high time when cats are desperate of being petted and annoyed at refusal, love biting will become harmful and attack because sharp and pointed teeth for hunters will easily inject bacteria into your skin. Vet will help you to find out what will be the best cure for your pet if it comes to metal disorder.

Shortly speaking, if you just adopted a cat and get problem with their aggression, put asking “why does my cat bite me when I stop petting him” on social media will easily receive recommendation about love biting and solutions to it. Love biting or petting-induced aggression is just common feline behavior to people they love playing with and showing their demand of being taken care of. That would be nice if owners know how to control that manner in acceptable level and rule them in the right way.

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